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Joe Dew:Hello fannation and djroxalot. Myself and DJ are going to start an NBA focused blog that will appear, weekly, or that is the goal here on NBA Fanz. It will run similar to Pardon the Interruption because Dj and myself are passionate about the NBA and don't always see eye to eye on the topics at hand, which makes for an interesting read. Rest assured it will be knowledgeable and wildly entraining. So lets get this going.

Joe Dew: Topics at hand, I was thinking what trades this offseason impressed you most and how so. I really like the Cavaliers acquiring Shaq. Not only did they unload an uhhappy Ben Wallace and Sasha but they brought in a body to help match up with D Howard since he destroyed the Cavs in the Eastern Finals last year. Shaq should really help take away the double teams that Lebron receives and then even though Shaq is older he still commands a double team in the paint. He can still score, he proved it last year when he was an All Star in Phoenix. I also like the pickup of Jamario Moon not as much a threat as Rasheed Wallace but still he gives athleticism and can jump. Leon Powe is a what if for me?

DJ: Good to TD with another passionate NBA fan like Joe does the Dew.

DJ: To me, the Spurs acquiring Richard Jefferson gives them a legit shot at dethroning the NBA and Western Conference champs, the Lakers. They also added some other pieces but RJ gives them a solid scoring option at SF over the wheelchair bound Bruce Bowen. RJ isnt the defensive presence Bowen is but he gives them a player that score when the offense bogs down and TD, Ginobili (when healthy) and Parker are struggling. Which happened a lot last year, more so than in past seasons.


DJ: I agree with you to a certain degree on Shaq. The Cavs should give the Celtics all they can handle in the East. Not totally sold on VC in Orlando since he is more of a scorer and not the facilitator Turk was. But Shaq gives the Cavs a roadblock for Howard since Howard has virtually no back to the basket game. Shaq may not be the defender he once was but is still a 7-foot, 350 presence in the paint. And he held his own against Howard last year and is a better player (still) than Bynum (and Gasol), Howard's opponent in the NBA finals.


Joe: I am surprised to see you enjoying the Richard Jefferson pick up since it makes your Lakers have a good foe in the West. I think the Spurs are the 2nd best team in the west and was really surprised the Bulls beat them last week. I think if they are healthy in the post season they will give the Lakers a run for their money, the Spurs don't take the regular season to serious. A deal that we haven't talked about yet is Ron Artest. I think it's a high risk move because they won a ring with Trevor Ariza but decided to go with Artest. I mean why mess up a good thing. But really the risk is worth it for the Lakers because they still have Kobe, Odom, and Fisher but if Artest doesn't have a mental breakdown they will be better. Dennis Rodman was way worse and Phil Jackson spoon fed him.


Joe:I think the Blazers are one of those teams that could either be really good or just mediocre. Meaning Greg Oden, he is the big what if for the Blazers this season. I think Greg Oden is the key to the blazers success this season, not Andre Miller which was the Free Agent acquisition this offseason.


DJ: I am not a big fan of the Turk signing by the Raptors. What are your thoughts specifically on the Raptors.


DJ: Hey Joe, I love my Lakers but I recognize a challenge when I see it. And the Spurs definitely provide a challenge to the Lake Show.


DJ:The Lakers upgraded themselves. Ariza is a nice player but will he ever be an Artest type? I have serious doubts if he can ever be more than a 10-12ppg player that plays defense like Bruce Bowen. 


DJ:Risk a good thing with Ron? Phil managed another major headcase in Dennis. How did that turn out? Pretty good if you ask me. The Blazers are excellent but in the West I just dont see them being a major threat just yet. Just my opinion, they need another 20ppg scorer to go next to Roy.


The Raps? 8th seed maybe. If Arenas gets hurt again and the Wizards lose a lot of players to injury. The Wizards are a team to watch out for. Turk gives them a glue guy but they still dont have a 20ppg scorer to stack next to Bosh.


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