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I'm a big proponent of second chances.  Everyone in this life screws up at one point or another.  And it is the decent thing to do to offer a second chance to someone who has.  For example:  I'm pleased that Vince Young has gotten another opportunity to prove he has something to offer the Titans besides love for his mama.  I am a big fan of Pedro Martinez, so seeing him in big game situations after the debacle with the Mets is great.  Ron Artest is currently on his second chance (others would argue it's his 3rd or 4th already, but I digress).  Mike Vick is on his second chance right now.  He's keeping quiet, working hard and waiting for a real opportunity to once again be a huge impact quarterback in the NFL.  How will Plaxico react with his second chance?  Look at Mark McGwire.  Getting somewhat of a second chance to have an impact on the League other than juice filled, roid raged home runs.  Although I personally think Pujols could show him way more about hitting than vice versa!  The point is, that everyone deserves a chance for a clean slate, and taking advantage of that chance is paramount.  Does Mariah Carey deserve a second chance to be an actress?  Not really, but.....only if she says nothing and spends her time in the tight mini skirts I have always loved on her.  Does Matt Millen deserve a second chance at being a GM?  I say not only no, but hell no!  Does Stacy Kiebler deserve a second chance to attend my personal hot tub party???  Stacy gets all the chances she needs for that........but I'm not waiting up nights hoping she'll show.  So when someone screws up, remember, they're only human and if merited, they deserve a second chance to make up for poor decisions/actions in the past.

Oregon/USC.....that's what we call being taken to the woodshed!!, are they clutch this post season or what?  It's gotta be the Kate Hudson factor.  And by the way Kate, you're also invited to the personal hot tub party - without the third baseman.  Ryan Newman.........went for a drive and ended up taking a flight.  NASCAR needs to get rid of the plates or quit racing at Talledega and Daytona.  Someones gonna get killed eventually.  Donovan McNabb..........that receiving duo is scary, absolutely scary!  Merry Christmas!

My celebrity crush today is Brittany Daniel. Again, who?  Well, she's a relative newcomer to my celebrity crush group.  I have seen her in a couple of really bad movies (can't even remember them actually - I think it was White Chicks and Joe Dirt????).  But last week I saw her in a comedy/slasher flick called "Broken Lizards Club Dred." (No really, that's the name).  She spends the entire movie in a bikini.  And she is just......well, see for yourself.  Let me know what you think.

Well, that should do it for now.  I'm a little bummed about baseball being nearly over.  But that's why I love all sports and football can be my sole love for now.  My fantasy team is still doing well.  So no complaints.  Take it easy everyone, and as always, thanks for stopping by.  Until next time, this is life as I see it.


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