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    We are now into November and there are currently seven teams in FBS that are still undefeated. As most people would assume, there will definately not be seven undefeated teams come January. So, where's the best chance for each of these seven teams to slip up? Here's what I think. (It's important to note that this is regular season only)

#1 Florida (8-0): Best Chance to Lose: November 14th at South Carolina Why It's the Best Chance: Let's face it, it pretty much looks like the rest of the Gators schedule prior to the SEC Championship is a walk in the park, playing the likes of Vanderbilt and Florida International. However, one can never underestimate the coaching of Steve Spurrier, especially at home. South Carolina is 6-3 this year, including an upset 16-10 victory over then-#4 Ole Miss. Will It Happen?: No. The Gators are too good to be beat by this Gamecocks team. I think it might be closer than most Florida fans will like, but in the end the Gators leave Columbia with a W.    

#2 Texas (8-0): Best Chance to Lose: November 21st vs Kansas Why It's the Best Chance: Much like Florida, Texas has a cupcake of a schedule to end the year. They play UCF, a Robert Griffin-less Baylor team, and then a Texas A&M team that got beat 19-47 against Arkansas to end the year. It's all up to the Kansas Jayhawks to ruin Texas's undefeated dreams. Things have been going downhill for Kansas lately, dropping three in a row after starting the year 5-0. This game all depends on the play of Kansas QB Todd Reesing, who's starting job seems to be in serious question lately. Will It Happen?: Absolutely Not. In two of the three games Kansas has lost, they've been manhandled by less-than-stellar teams (13-35 loss to Oklahoma, 21-42 loss to Texas Tech). Just imagine how Kansas would fair against a great team. I wouldn't be surprised if Texas put up 50 on the Jayhawks' defense.

#3 Alabama (8-0): Best Chance to Lose: This weekend vs #9 LSU. Why It's the Best Chance: The Crimson Tide's last game was against a inferior Tennessee team that without the lackluster kicking of Daniel Lincoln would have pulled off a huge upset. LSU has played with a fire ever since the 3-13 loss to Florida, throttling the two opponents they have faced 73-10. Alabama's offense has been in serious question as of late, as QB Greg McElroy has been less than stellar and Heisman favorite Mark Ingram put up only 99 yards against Tennessee. Alabama must make corrections on the offensive side of the ball to survive the Tangle with the Tigers. Will It Happen?: Yes. Prior to the season I predicted Bama to go 11-1, with their lone loss coming to LSU. Based on the play of both teams the last few weeks, I'm sticking with my prediction. I believe that this will be a defensive struggle, just like the Tennessee game for Alabama and the Florida game for LSU. When it's all said and done, I believe that the Tigers will have just enough offense to sneak out of Tuscaloosa with an upset. I say LSU by 3.  

#4 Cincinnati (8-0): Best Chance to Lose: December 5th at #14 Pitt. Why It's the Best Chance: I can't help but admire the Bearcats underdog of a season. Returning only 1 defensive starter this season, I expected Cincinnati to struggle. Boy, was I wrong. The Bearcats have won all but one of their games by double digits (a 28-20 win over Fresno State). Coming down the line of the year, I see only two possible slipups for the Bearcats: November 13th vs West Virginia and December 5th at Pitt. I believe that they will find a way to slip by the Mountaineers. However, I'm not so sure about the Pitt game. Pittsburgh is currently 7-1 (not sufficiently ranked in my eyes) with their only loss coming from a 31-38 slip-up against a 3-5 N.C. State team. Still, Pittsburgh is undefeated in conference play. The way I see it, the final game of the regular season between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh will determine the Big East Champ. Will It Happen?: Yes. I see these teams basically being even, so I just have to go with my gut. I expected big things out of Pitt this year, and other than the N.C. State game they haven't dissappointed. Even though they may fall short of an undefeated season and a Big East Championship, I still tip my hat to Brian Kelly and the Cincinnati Bearcats.    

#5 Boise State (8-0): Best Chance to Lose:
27th vs Nevada Why It's the Best Chance: Boise State belongs to the WAC, or Weak **** Conference. There is nobody that has the caliber to beat the Broncos this year. Although the Broncos did beat an Oregon team that has since went undefeated, I believe they should not be BCS eligible. But that's beside the point. Nevada is a team that I felt could be a Darkhorse WAC title contender. After starting the season 0-3, the Wolf Pack have since won five in a row to give them a shot at going to 5 consecutive bowl games. Nevada has lost 9 straight in this series. Maybe they are due for some good luck. Will It Happen?: Heck No! Boise State will most likely beat Nevada by at least 17 points. Following a win against 3-6 New Mexico State, Boise State steps up to be the initial cause of the collapse of the BCS.

#6 TCU (8-0): Best Chance to Lose: November 14th vs #17 Utah. Why It's the Best Chance: TCU is in the exact same boat as Boise State. They really haven't proven to me that they deserve to make in into the BCS. Excluding the Utah game, TCU's remaining opponents have a combined 8-16 record. Not really a hassle for the #6 team in the entire nation. Although many thought that Utah would have a bit of a rebuilding year, Utah has amazingly only lost one game, whcih was to the #7 team in the nation by seven points. Will It Happen?: Not quite. I imagine this to be a back-and-forth game with the Horned Frogs prevailing in the end. If indeed TCU does beat Utah, expect them along with Boise State to be the only unbeaten schools that are not in a BCS conference.

#8 Iowa (9-0): Best Chance to Lose: November 14th at #15 Ohio State. Why It's the Best Chance: Let's face it: Iowa is without a doubt the luckiest unbeaten team. They started the season with a "Whoops" Moment, needing two back-to-back blocked field goals to beat Northern Iowa. Six of Iowa's 9 wins have been by 10 points or less, and they are coming off a win against a then-4-4 Indiana team that led 24-14 after three quarters with the help of 5 INTs thrown by Hawkeyes QB Ricky Stanzi. Iowa then went on a 28-0 run to win 42-24. Sure, Ohio State has been a huge disappointment this year (highlighted by an embarassing 18-26 loss to a Purdue Boilermakers team that lost to Northern Illinois), but Ohio State still has a 10 win-caliber team. With all of this in mind, this game will prove if Iowa is for real. Will It Happen?: Yes. Really, how can any team that had to make a huge comeback against a mediocre Indiana team expect to walk in the Horseshoe and expect to be able to beat the Buckeyes? If Iowa is to have any chance at all in this game, Stanzi has to play absoutely perfect. Even if he accomplishes this, Iowa will need their luck to keep up if they wish to stay undefeated after this one. If somehow Iowa does beat Ohio State, chances are good that the Hawkeyes will go undefeated.         


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