Remember the Past, or be Doomed to lose

My Throwdown Philosophy

I could care less about my record, as I have stated in the past- my most enjoyable TD is still about weather or not hitting a baseball is the hardest thing in sports, when I got an e-mail from a D1 coach stating that I should have won.

 I have lost TD for many ignorant reasons and recently had one where a guy actually posted why am I winning? He’s right! I still lost but It was still fun. I find the records that are kept to be a source of fun sometimes.

Take a look at the leaderboard- the names on one side is the ones making the challenge- the other side accepted. There is one person on the expanded Leaderboard who has NEVER started a TD- cherry picking? Maaaaybe.

 If you will also note- most people with really good records- don’t play anyone, makes me wonder if they have two ID’s one for the idiots and one for everyone else. I would have too, had I thought about it- or cared.

If I played 4 games against (insert undefeated player) and lost them all, played (insert known good TD’s such as BigBen ) and went .500- that would be seen by all as quite an accomplishment, but as far as the record is concerned I’m 4 games under 500. But If I take on the Phillies of Fannation ( and you know who they are) and go 20-0 I’m great?

I enjoy using non-sequitors in my arguments and coming out of left field sometimes, please do not take anything personally that I say, I’m sure that you are all pleasant in real-life and only bow up online. I try not to mention anyone by name, but if I do- I try to mean it as a compliment. If I’m going to insult you- I will do that as well, but I will do it off list, so to speak.

Just to let you know, Don’t ask me to vote for you in a fanmail- that costs you a point- if you ask me to look at your TD, then I goto the page with you having a 50/50 shot of getting my vote, you ask- you drop to a 49/51 chance, you tell me to vote for you and you’ll vote for me? You drop to 0. I don’t care if you are on my starting Lineup- I’m voting against you.

 I will base my vote one the arguements and the counter arguments. Doesn't matter how true the Throwdown statement is...if you can not logically support it you will not get my vote. I will not play favorites in voting for Throwdowns; if I know you and your argument is weak you don't get my vote. I don’t care who you are.

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