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I have been reading a lot of articles/blogs lately regarding this last month of the college football season.  Two troubling themes are abundantly clear.  First, speculation is no way to determine a national champion.  Second, the words 'bowl eligible' are almost as evil as "BCS" in my lexicon.  Let's talk about both.

Speculation, that's all college football is.  The last week or so has generated a lot of talk about Oregon leap frogging Boise State in the polls, even though the Broncos beat the Ducks in the opening game.  Can anyone tell me without hesitation, that Boise State could beat Oregon right now?  No freaking way!  Oregon rolls by 14 or more.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Broncos, and what Chris Peterson has done there.  But one big win, does not a season make.  And then Alabama.  They have the fortune (or misfortune) of being in the Tebow Conference (oops, sorry, SEC) with Florida and Mr. Class himself, Urban Meyer and his henchmen who try to pry eyes out of sockets.  The one who loses the SEC title game has no shot at the title.....why?  And then TCU.  That defense could play with any offense in the country, and they will not get a shot at the title, even if everyone in front of them loses and they run the table....why?  Ask the University of Utah Runnin' Utes that same question.  Fact of the matter is, NCAA Basketball, a major money making sport, determines its champions on the court.  Not human and computer speculation.  You never hear anyone talking about who "should" be in the title game in hoops.  You have to earn a spot in the "TOURNAMENT."  And then you have to WIN 6 GAMES in a row to it.  So TCU could win a national championship in basketball, but not in football.  Makes no sense at all!!!  I read a quote by a player from the University of Iowa.  He said he felt his team should get a shot at the title game, but that it "was something his team couldn't control."  That's what wrong, the teams don't have control............idiots and computers do!!!  Does not seem too difficult to create a tournament with the top 16 teams.  Call each game a bowl game (Rose, Cotton, Sugar etc.) so that sponsorships can stay in place.  Select the other 'eligible' teams to play in the other bowl games (CarQuest, Papa Johns etc.).  This would then be considered the NIT of football.  That way everyone gets a post season.  Not rocket science, but it will take heavenly intervention before the doooshbaggs who run college football make that change.

Bowl eligible.  Wow, no two words have sparked such cowardess with coaches/universites as these two.  This is precisely the reason a rebuilding Michigan team schedules Delaware State.  That's why Florida, Texas, and other powerhouses schedules Louisana Monroe, Charleston Southern etc.  Those 3-4 easy wins ensures that they only need to win 3-4 against their own conference.  Pansies all them.  Only four FBS schools have never scheduled a D1-AA (or whatever the hell they're called now).  USC, UCLA, Washington and Notre Dame.  With the exception SC, the other three teams have really struggled to make the postseason in recent years.  But they still take on the top tier schools, not the JV every year.  In the basketball tournament, you have to either, 1.  Win your conferences tournament, and get the auto bid...or 2.  Have a good enough body of work throughout the season to merit an at large bid.  I have seen a few at-large teams at 17-17 get in the tournament, but it usually takes something far better to get in.  But in football, 6-6 gets you into the money.  The BCS/bowl system is beyond broken, it sucks and makes a mockery of what college football should be about.  If George Mason can get a shot at the hoops title, then why not in football.............or is that too logical??????

No celebrity crush today.  I'm just a bit miffed that I have to work tonight and miss Game 6.  The ol' vets Pedro and Pettitte going pitch for pitch.  Should be good.  I know I've written a novel here, but thanks for checking in.  Until next time, this is life as I see it.


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