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0 reported today that it has been 18 at-bats since Barry Bonds' last home run. Guess it's time for another dose of that remarkable flaxseed oil.

Are you kidding me? In all the entire wonderful wide world of sports, is that all there is to write about? Seriously? And what the hell were 300 journalists doing at today's game? What is the chance that Barry hits three? When was the last time he did it, assisted or otherwise? I think the only thing I've seen funnier than this hootenanny circus is Jon Heyman's (whose columns I really enjoy) line about Barry hopefully being considerate enough not to upstage Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn.

Barry, considerate? You have a better chance of bumping into Mel Gibson at a Bar-Mitzvah. I can only imagine the superhuman effort it took to get him to donate an artifact from his 756th homer (Where are you, Tonya Harding? I thought we had a deal.*) to the Hall of Fame. But what bothers me most is that the media simply do not cover news any more. Frankly, I find trade rumors more newsworthy than Barry going 1-4 on Thursday afternoon. At least with trade rumors, you get the impression that something is going on. Do you know what 1-4 means? A mediocre day at the plate, nothing more. For those of you out there who can logically defend Barry (key word, logically) just relax. I've resigned myself to the inevitability that he will break the record. Even if he has to walk to home plate on crutches just long enough to stand and swing, I've resigned myself to the inevitable.

And by the way, if you didn't catch the Costas riposte to Barry's "midget man" wisecrack, it was one for the ages.

Just another quick note, this one from football. I really have to question why Roger Goodell denied Odell Thurman's request for reinstatement to the NFL. So far, the league is offering no explanation, to Thurman or anyone else. I can appreciate what Goodell is doing to clean up the game as much as anyone, but being silent about the whole issue of why suggests that he is making this decision because he can and not because he can defend it. Maybe I'm being too simple about it, but I just feel that if you believe you are right, then what do you have to be afraid of in talking about it?


*No deal with Tonya Harding to commit bodily harm to Barry Bonds or anyone else was agreed to or discussed. For those readers with no sense of discernment whatsoever, the statement immediately preceding this asterisk is a joke. If you find yourself a member of this category, leave the house and seek help immediately.


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