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It seems like there are more Notre Dame haters than there use to be.  The Truth&Rumors section will have 100 comments on a Notre Dame story, and many of those will be from ND haters.  Since I am on the opposite spectrum, I can take a better look at what these people say.

1. "Brady Quinn never won the big game!": That may be true.  He never beat a team that finished top 5, but is that all his fault?  Football is a team sport, and he did very well in many of those big games.  Let's say that the big games are USC, Michigan, and the bowl games.  Here are the stats from his games.

Michigan: 2-1 record-2004: 50% Completion %/1 TD/3 INTs/178 yards 2005: 63%/2/0/140 2006: 50%/3/3/234
USC: 0-4 record-2003: 44%/1/0/168 2004: 51%/1/0/105 2005: 54%/1/1/264 2006: 49%/3/0/274
Bowls: 0-3 record-2004 (04 Bowl): 58%/2/1/214 2005 (06 Fiesta Bowl): 64%/0/0/286 2006 (07 Sugar Bowl): 43%/2/2/148
Those aren't bad stats.  He thrown 16 touchdowns and 10 touchdowns.  With Weis as his coach, he has thrown 11 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.  He hasn't been accurate, but most QBs wouldn't be that accurate playing against those defenses.  The defense was the main problem in those games.

2. "Notre Dame is overhyped and overrated!": That may be true.  They are in the news seven days a week, and every one of their games are nationally brodacasted.  The news can get tiring, even for a Notre Dame fan, but is there any team more deserving of the attention.  Notre Dame easily has the largest fan base and hate base out of any football team, pro or college.  People tune in to cheer for the Irish or cheer against them.  The games get great ratings whether they are playing USC or Duke.  Notre Dame is the most storied program in college football history.  They invented the pass in a time when you only ran.  They provided the 20s with it's most famous personality besides Ruth, Knute Rockne.  They have won 11 REAL national championships.  No splits like USC's 2003.  They have won 7 Heisman Trophies.  Only Ohio State and USC can touch that.  No matter which way you look at it, Notre Dame IS college football.

3. "They haven't won a bowl in 13 years!": True, but they have played in 3 BCS Bowls in that period.  They probably didn't deserve the Sugar Bowl, but they did deserve a January bowl that year.  They definetly deserved both Fiesta Bowls.  That didn't get destroyed by Ohio State, and they haven't played that bad in these bowls.  Sometimes, losing in a January bowl is better than winning the Poinsetta Bowl.  They should have won more games, but not many teams have made it to consectutive BCS Bowls this decade.  ND is one of them.

4. "They are prissy for being independent!": Why would ND want to join a conference?  They can schedule whoever they want.  They play a top-25 schedule every year.  They do play a couple weak teams, but every team does.  They don't have to split their bowl royalties and their NBC contract.

5. "That makes them greedy for not wanting to split their contract!": This is insanely stupid.  If you had the choice between making $60,000 dollars at your job, or splitting it with a partner even though nothing has changed, which one would you choose?  Everyone wants more money!  No other team would join a conference if they were in Notre Dame shoes.

6. "They have a weak schedule!": Another ignorant and stupid comment.  They play USC and Michigan every year.  They are consistently top 10 programs.  With teams like Penn State, Georgia Tech, and Purdue on the schedule, they have a top-15 schedule.

7. "They play service academies!": Well, someone has to!  It isn't like Navy and Air Force have been bad over the past six years.  Comparing them to Appalachian State and Northwestern whom Michigan plays, they look tough.  USC plays Idaho and Washington.  That isn't exactly killer.  Every team plays a few weak teams, but Navy isn't one of them.  They made a bowl last year and lost by one.  9-4 is a great record.  How is that weak?

8. "Charlie Weis is fat!": People who say this are probably fat themselves, and it makes themselves feel better about themselves.  I don't care what our coach looks like.  He is a great coach and an even better recruiter.  He is a top 5 all-around coach joining Pete Carroll and Bob Stoops, among others.  Weis is probably better than your coach, so you can just shut up about this.

The only fans who really have an excuse to hate Notre Dame are USC and Michigan fans.  The big rivalries make it acceptable.  The other people need to look at the facts and then judge.


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