Remember the Past, or be Doomed to lose

This weeks topic:


Some things to add from last week before I get started.

All subjects are able to be argued- I put in an early blog I can argue that Jake Delhome is a better QB than Marino- go read it, it's possible.

Now this has nailed my win-loss record in the past.

I had a TD about the better Duo- Stockton/Malone vs Parker/Duncan- I donl;t know if you realize this but people don't play NBA ball to win, have better w'l records, do better in the playoffs win titles or even make money! They do it to average high numbers, according to Fannation, at least.

I'll take an argument sometimes just because I'm bored and got nailed for it. But I don't care it gives me something to do. I make the best argument I can and see what happens.


Now on to this weeks topic

My personal rules for TD's

1)      Never forfeit- why is this an option? And why do the completed ones on the main page always showing 3 won by forfeit? If you can hit the spacebar and it counts as an argument- why do we have the ability to give it up? And more to the point why don't anyone forfeit against me? If you will look at some people- Half their wins are forfeit ones- others have none. Hmmmm

2)      Always accept challenges, unless you are clueless about a topic. If someone is going to give me a topic I'm going to take it on, unless it's a MLB or a Nascar TD- then I still may take it just to see what I can do.

3)      Argue a POINT. Just for fun look at this one: I threw this one out there just to make a point about the morons here- Coletrain made a great argument, and I don't mean to embarrass him or his points he made but look at the statement "I'm Bored By Bonds" I had a bunch of people vote and tell me that no, I'm not bored by Bonds. How did you argue this? Coletrain made good points on why its important- but didn't change the fact that IM bored- if the subject had been "we should be bored by bonds" then it would have been a lot more arguable point.

4)      People are stupid- see #3 I mean I'm arguing my OWN MIND

5)      I may be insane see #4

6)      If you are going to Cut and paste a source- say so- I use Wiki and basketball reference all the time, and I'll say it when I do- and have on occasion had someone state I shouldn't it's cheating- why? Its not plagiarizing, Its accurate info as far as sports and most topics go, and it proves my point. I don't have a problem when others do it. There are 3 types of numbers Lies, Da mn ed lies and statistics.

7)      Go against the best, take chances and see what happens. People give Ruby cr ud because she always throws out minor sport topics and for some reason tries to go racial or old school when it is not needed, unfortunately she has got a reputation of not being very good. Fact is shes getting better by the TD and other than those that just votes against her by rule she makes very good points. I used to get irritated when I see her ruin a good topic (and you DID if you are reading this ruby) but here lately she has taken me on and did very well supporting her points. She may never get on the leaderboard on W/L % but I'll bet she can take down most that are on even footing.

8)      If there isn't an open TD and you have 10 minutes to kill- make one, it amazes me how few TD's are created by some people, you look at some of them and the numbers of TD's started outnumber the ones taken by 25 to 1- is it cherry picking or is it only taking topics they can win? Hmmmm

9)      I love the Panthers, and I love my Heels but if I see a TD that just says nuh-uh the heels were better, I'm voting against you. Give me a reason to vote for you. I'm voting for who makes the better point not who I think is right.

10)   Comment blocks are for leaving comments- I'll leave a statement supposting one of the other only if I think of something that might make a statement or clear up an omission. Not leave a comment that says "joe is right vote for him." You have a vote use it and shuddup

11)  Ignore #10 if it is funny

12)   I hate it when people who make the comments win the point for the person who is making the counterargument. I once sent Coach an e-mail telling him to HUSH until all 3 points were made- he was killing me! And he did I lost the argument but I gained a friend whom still busts my ba lls if I say something stupid- I did this earlier when the person I was Tding with basically C&P a comment as their 3rd statement, and I called him out on it.

13)  Have fun people, don't take any of this serious- the only ones getting paid have the SI staff under their names ( even though some of these blogs SI ought a run other than the 50 pages of pictures they run- HEY SI that's why I stopped subscribing If I wanted a picture book I'd buy it- I buy the mags for the TEXT. I can get SOFT CORE PO RN on the net for a lot cheaper than 495 a week. Plus the adds give me plenty of that if I need it. Give me TEXT and good writing and I might re-up sometimes, It has to be cheaper to run black and white text  than running full color pics.

14)  I have a starting lineup for a reason- I have people on there I can call on and say hey look at this- what am I missing? Not to go vote for me, make what I did better either for or against me, I don't care- sometimes I have a good topic and Me and ben or coach can go round and round in the comment box and I can still have fun with the topic rather than wait 4 days for a Nuh-uh response.

15)   Leave a comment on good blogs- we deserve it.

Next week: College!



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