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     Two coaches lost their jobs today: Tommy West of Memphis and David Elson of Western Kentucky. West, who also had head coaching stints at Chattanooga and Clemson, was in the middle of his 9th season as Tigers head coach. In this tenure he was 49-58 with 5 bowl appearances, the most bowl appearances in Memphis school history. His firing comes after a 28-56 loss to rival Tennessee, leaving the Tigers with a 2-7 record. A replacement is now needed in Memphis. Question is, who's it gonna be? Here are three candidates I would go after:

Tommy Tuberville, former Auburn HC - It's pretty clear that Tuberville will be back coachin, and the only question is where. This would be convenient for Tuberville, who is from the South and spent his entire coaching career in the South. Success would be promised with the hire of the Riverboat Gambler.

Phillip Fulmer, former Tennessee HC - Fulmer has made it clear that he does not want to stay out of coaching, and the Tigers allow Fulmer to stay in Tennessee. Plus Memphis has a rivalry against Fulmer's Vols. Could you imagine the tension of a Fulmer vs Kiffin game? It would be insane!

Guz Malzahn, Auburn OC - It's been clear ever since Malzahn's stint at Arkansas that he was a head coach in the making. Malzahn, an offensive innovator, is no stranger to the C-USA, where he spent two years as Tulsa's offensive coordinator. Memphis's offense has been inconsistent this year. A coach like Malzahn would definitely change that.

  Now onto Western Kentucky. In the middle of the Hilltoppers' first season as a Sun Belt member, head coach David Elson's contract has been terminated. Elson, who had a 39-41 record in seven seasons at Western Kentucky, now must find another job. Personally, I don't agree with this decision. The university is in the middle of a huge move to FBS. You must make a commitment to one coach in order to improve on the football field against currently superior opponents. Now you'll be rebuilding in the middle of a whole new world. Ouch. Here's three coaches that the Hilltoppers should keep their eye on.

Watson Brown, Tennessee Tech HC - Let me explain why Watson could work this out: He's been in this situation before (UAB in the '90s), he's reliable (Tennessee Tech is currently 5-4 and 4th in the Ohio Valley Conference), and he's got a good pedigree (brother of Texas head coach Mack Brown). Sure, Watson shouldn't be #1 on any list, but I think hiring him would be smart and safe.

Randy Sanders, Kentucky QB Coach - Sanders could be a good fit at Western Kentucky. He's young (44), had plenty of experience in the big time SEC (tenures at Tennessee and Kentucky), and has worked with some pretty good QBs (Casey Clausen, Andre Woodson to name a few). Western Kentucky needs to hire a guy who both A) won't retire after 4 years and B) won't be tempted by a higher power after 4 years. Sanders has proven at Kentucky that he doesn't do a lot of moving around. The Western Kentucky AD should give him a call.

Romeo Crennel, former Browns HC - I did a little research on Western Kentucky, and I discovered that a former Super Bowl winning Defensive Coordinator graduated from Western Kentucky and was a graduate assistant and then defensive line coach there from 1970 to 1974. A guy like Crennel is what Western Kentucky needs: a big name that could bring in recruits. Crennel's time in New England proved that he can be a big time coach. Maybe some time back at the old alma mater could help out his head coaching reputation.



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