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What's the trade deadline for trading GM's? Drayton better hurry because I'm sure the deadline is just around the corner! Can he designate Purpura for assignment? If he did, he'd have to end up releasing him, because there's no "minor league" for GM's, and no other team is going to want the guy...

All joking aside, Tim Purpura is the looming malignant tumor in the Astros' cancer.'s trade front reports the following on the Astros' trade progress as of Monday:

Nothing happening right now
GM Tim Purpura told the Houston Chronicle that he's had trade conversations with every club but that no deal is close. He added that no conversations have taken place regarding any of the team's three players with no-trade clauses (Roy Oswalt, Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee). If the team makes a deal, pitching is expected to be a priority in any return. -- Ben DuBose

So you mean to tell me, there are teams that are seemingly well off this season, making blockbuster trades (Teixeira-to-Braves case in point), and good ol' Timmy is over here sitting on his derriere, waiting for some other idiotic manager to call and inquire about the losers we have for sale? No wonder he had to quit his trade as lawyer. He probably lost every case; his negotiation tactics suck! A used car salesman could sell these guys faster than TP could, and get a better deal in the process! Willy, Taylor, & Hirsh for Jennings & that Ascencio kid who's managed to post a 7+ ERA in AAA?! Somebody should sue this guy!

We can blame Phil Garner all we want for this team's struggles. The fact of the matter is, one can only do so much with what he is given to work with. Purpura is making Garner's job harder than it should be and McLane is letting him.

And really now, what was the point in designating Mo for assignment? They want to trade him, but don't want him to feel so low as the minor leagues, so they DFA him. Now TP has 10 days from yesterday to trade or release Ensberg (since they've made it clear Round Rock is not an option). Tell me this: what team is going to trade a guy or two for a guy who may or may not do well on a new team when they can just wait to pick him up after he's released, saving their prospects for a truly promising player?! They're saying, too that if they can't trade Mo in the next few days, they'll spare him the misery of not being able to play professional ball and just release him.

Some advice on hiring a new GM, Mr. McLane, from a fan who cares about this team:

- Hire a plumber: he knows crap when he sees it.
- Hire a Marine Sergeant Major: he won't take "No" for an answer.
- Hire a sports statistician: he understands what ERA, BA, OBP, etc. stand for.
- Hire a used car salesman: he'll always get the better end of the deal.
- Hire a World Series of Poker champ: he knows when to keep his aces.
- Hire a physician: he can diagnose the team's problems in a heartbeat.
- DO NOT hire a lawyer: all he'll do is lie to get what he wants, and karma's a b.i.t.c.h!

Other than the fact that you'd be paying a guy not to work (Purp & Gar are signed through 2008), it is going to be nearly impossible to justify keeping Purp as GM next season. Pulling the, "Well, look what he did for us in 2005," gag isn't going to cut it. He's had 2 years to at least come close to replicating, and he hasn't! And with Biggio gone next year, it's going to be Timmy P or the fans, Drayton. Choose wisely.

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