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Ok, this post is going to pretty hard to read if your not a diehard detroit lions fan, so im warning you up front. This is the year of the lion, or kitna to say the least. As a nfl fan i cant help but watch the NFC North get weaker and weaker every year. It seems like every pro bowl caliber player dosnt want anything to do with this division.

Packers- Ahmed Green set sail to the texans, yes i said the TEXANS. Randy Moss got out two years ago and didnt even want to come back to help Farve. And i hope that 1st round DT you picked up this year works out for ya, hahahahaha.

Vikings- I dont even have to talk about the big names that have left this dwindling franchise in the past couple seasons. The only thing they have going for them right now is a potential pro bowl rookie in adrian peterson, and thats only if he stays healthy and gets enough carries. And the quarterback situation is pretty ridiculous, its pretty bad when joey harrington could start for your team.

Bears- this is where things get interesting. The NFC champs are right where they left off last year, a insanly good defence with a sub par offence and a gamble at quarterback. It was that great d last year that got them to the super bowl, not rex grossman. I think this year the city of chicago will be seeing an old michigan wolverine at the helm after only a couple of games. If rex plays like he did last year than the bears are a wild card team, but if he somehow breaks out and show everyone is semi-retarded that said he cant play, team is in trouble and so is the rest of the conference.

LIONS- Last but not least, the underdogs in every sence of the word. The detroit lions have had one of the best offseason in recent history. Getting two starting o-lineman, a starting running back for a backup, and a unproven pass rusher from tampa bay. When the draft came closer and closer anyone from detroit knew that milian was taking calvin johnson, hey...he has a thing for wide receivers. But it was the next couple picks that excited me. Drew Stanton was a heisman candidate prior to his senior year, and granted he didnt have a great year but brady quinn couldnt of helped michigan state win any more games. Along in the second round we got a hybrid of a DE/TE in  Ikaika Alama-Francis, whewwwwwww, i need a smoke after that one. And to finish off the second round they drafted gerald alexander, a underrated corner/saftey that has great quickness and a cover corner. I will say this, we needed to get a big name back at corner and soon. But with shaun rogers and cory redding up front the secondary will have the advantage over most quarterbacks because hopefully the tackles, along with white and edwards, get to the QB quickly. I believe this offense will put up numbers similar to what mike martz did with the rams, but the secondary is going to be tested all season long. 

All in all, its the year of the lion. And John Kinta said it a couple weeks ago, dont say we didnt warn you 


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