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It has been a long time since I posted anything on this blog, not for lack of talking points, but rather the lack of available time during working hours.  In any case......

The Philadelphia Eagles are at a major crossroads.  Despite the uplifting news that Brian Westbrook's head is indeed still attached, it is doubtful that either number 36 or the team will risk playing the back again this season, and rightfully so.  More likely to happen will be the shutting down of Westbrook to allow Brian to fully recover from his second concussion in three weeks.  Concussions are weird and no one truly understands the long-term impact that result, so letting him rest up for the remainder of the year seems to be the intelligent thing to do.  His career may very well be over, but we will probably have to wait until next year to find out for certain.  The value of his life heavily outweighs the risk of a damaging brain injury that could occur the next time he takes the field.

So where does this leave the Eagles?  Well, it leaves them with a good back in LeSean McCoy and not much else in the backfield.  Add this to two young (and good) wideouts, an offensive line that is patchwork at best, a QB who couldn't lead his team to a comeback victory if it were against a team in the Lingerie League, and a coach who is completely unable to think on or see his feet.

It is relatively clear that if the Eagles do not make it to the NFC Championship game again that either Reid or McNabb will not be back, although for me I could do without both of them.  Reid has won a ton of games and that can't be taken away, but if he cannot correct some of his core issues, like clock management and establishing even the most remedial running game, then he has reached his potential, while holding back the potential of his team, including McNabb.

McNabb has his own issues of course.  Lack of heart and accuracy has plagued him since his inaugural booing when he was drafted.  Ultra-sensitivity and, I believe, indifference has set in now that Kolb has shown a modicum of success and tripped the countdown machine for McNabb's exit from Philly.  Is he the greatest QB in Philadelphia's history, possibly, but will be revered like Jaws or Randall, probably not.  I find myself thinking that I'll miss him less and less everytime he proves he can't lead this team to a W.  I want to root for him, but really, what's the point?

The Philadelphia Eagles need a restart and begin rebuilding.  No more condescending remarks from Reid.  No more passes into the dirt to a wide open receiver.  And no more attempts to explain how the Eagles are so great when they have accomplished as much as the Detroit Lions in terms of Super Bowl Championships.  A fresh franchise quarterback, a new coach, and a new direction with this relatively young team would energize the city and bring the interest back to a team that has lost all the goodwill and bliss it once owned to the Phillies, a team that has finally figured out not only how to win a championship, but the city's heart as well. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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