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So what's it like living in Atlanta with the Mike Vick dog stuff going on?  

People here are too worried that convicting a guilty black man is somehow racist.  I guess all black pple should get to do whatever because our great great great grandparents used to be their owners and we should still feel bad about that.  Well not my gparents, they hadn't made it to America yet, but yours.  

Yes, yes, innocent until proven guilty but seriously pple, stop being nit-picky.  There were dead dog carcasses on his property!  lots of them!  There was dog fighting paraphanelia* and his partner/associate pleaded guilty.  If that's not enough, he's being brought to trial by the Feds?  95% conviction rate by those guys.  They have stuff, so stop fooling yourself with all this racism/due process crap, you only show how biased and ignorant you are.

Actually public opinion is very divided here, usually along color lines.  Although there are a ton of dog/PETA pple that hate Vick.  But almost no one is in the middle...except ME!

I like Vick's game and I hate dogs, so while it's a crime I don't think the dude should be crucified or sent to prison.  I mean why do dogs get preferential treatment over other animals?  They're NOT people.  I'm not in anyway all for cruelty to animals, but little kids shoot birds and burn ants all day and that's totally acceptable.  People kill rats constantly and it's applauded.  So Vick might go to prison because pple chose to love dogs and hate rats?  

I kinda think dogs are naturally violent (as witnessed by the number of times I've been chased for just jogging by a house in my neighborhood), so dog fighting isn't far away from their nature.  I know everyone's a dog person but me, so no one will aggree with my assessment, but it's how I feel. 

About the only sane thought I've heard from pro-Vick pple is that some pple are getting away with murder (I overheard someone talking about a Hockey player and manslaughter, but I don't knwo)  and Vick is basically losing everything he has because he did some horrible, disgusting things to dogs?  I don't care if you think they're you're best friends here we're still talking Man vs. animal.  Get things in perspective.

Now is Vick a knucklehead thug and would he have probably gotten himself in big trouble eventually? Sure.  I just think the dog thing is blown out of proportion.  But then again maybe it's just the totality of his stupidity, although it's funny how people look the other way when he's involved with an illegal drug (pot) and then the whole country wants his head when he mistreats some violent animals.

Oh well, I know most pple think I'm a cynical, biased jerk, but eh whatever.  Gimme your thoughts and note that I've already used the terms "cynical", "biased" and "jerk" so try to think of some new ways to hate on me.  Thanks!


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