Ramblings From The Suburbs

I'm Dan G.  And here's what I'm ranting on (lol if you get that):

Number one: When people FanMail and say "Vote for the better argument," what are they really saying?  When I read those, I interpret those as "Vote for me, that guys argument is crap" or "I have no chance, but read it anyway and give me a pity vote."  A lot of times, I don't visit those throwdowns.  I wait until I happen to stumble upon them.  Instead of giving me a FanMail with subject of "Throwdown" and a body of "URL, Vote for the better argument!," why not, "Here's an (insert subject here) throwdown.  Go and check it out."  Personally, I KNOW I will vote for the better argument.  I don't need to be told to do so.  I know some people out there need to be, but you shouldn't.  You just shouldn't.  That's just wrong.

Number two: Capital letters.  AMAZING GRACE, this is not directed at you and I hope I don't offend you, but I would appreciate it if you turned your CAPS lock button off every once in a while.  If there's a throwdown where a person puts everything in all capital letters, automatically, I will not read it.  If there's a sentence or a phrase or a word in all caps, that's cool.  I do that sometimes to prove a point.  But if you put an entire argument or blog entry (again, please don't take offense, AMAZING GRACE, I actually read some of your stuff) I will not read it.  PERIOD.  It's too hard to concentrate on and it makes it look like you were too lazy to hold down the shift key for a couple letters, and instead turned caps lock on and forgot to turn it off.  It just makes you look like an idiot.

Number three: Beginners' throwdowns.  We were all beginners once.  Everyone is entitled to put up that "New England will win the AFC East!" or classified "Gimme throwdown."  Remember, they are all still arguable.  I'd say someone with less than five throwdowns should be given the benefit of the doubt.  Even then, they're still probably going to hear about it.

Number four:  Top Whatever throwdowns.  I think these are good throwdowns.  They're pretty interesting and can really make you think about things.  However, when you don't put them in any order, that is total BS.  Like beyond totally.  Like totally totally.  It's easy just to throw five names out there with no explanation and win.  Examples are escaping me right now, but seriously, put them in order, make a challenge.  Explain too.  Even explain in the first argument even if it says the 2nd and 3rd arguments are for arguing.

Number five: Homers vs. Fanatics.  This is a quite interesting one.  In my book, a homer is someone who will vote for their team no matter what.  They're the ones who think that every player on their team is invincible.  A fanatic knows their team's limits.  I just have to use Philly fans as an example.  Sorry kids, but you are ripe for the picking.  (None of this is directed to PhillyFan.  Don't get confused.  He is definitely not a homer.)  On a Philly fans' throwdowns I have seen comments such as, "You have Westbrook in there.  You get my vote" and such.  Well I've got news for you kids, Westbrook is not the best thing since sliced bread and if you want to take me up on that, challenge me to a throwdown entitled "Brian is the best thing since sliced bread."  I'll be waiting.  The easiest way to win a throwdown, in the theory of my opinion, is to talk about how great a Philly team or players are, and then send it to a group crawling with Philly homers.  That should work.  I have yet to try.  And a warning to all you homers out there, everyone, not just Philly homers; I will find your throwdowns.  If there is nothing in your argument suggesting you are not a homer (and I am a very impartial judge), I will let you know about it.  And don't tell me to do various things that involve asterisks.  That's just lame.  Just think twice before posting a throwdown about your favorite team and sending that to all of that team's homers.  I'll find it.  Yes, yes I will...

However, with all of this, I give free passes.  Depends on my mood.  But for some of you, I will let issues slide.  So, do you want to risk it?

End rant.


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