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      As most of you know my Georgia Bulldogs had their last home game of the 2009 season on Saturday against the Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky, who was 6-4 prior to the game, was a 9 point underdog. It was an emotional game for Georgia, as their mascot, Uga VII, died suddenly Thursday. Things looked pretty much in hand for the Dawgs early, as Georgia lead 20-6 at halftime thanks to two 20+ yard TDs thrown by senior QB Joe Cox. Then it all went to hell and a handbasket, as Kentucky went on a 28-7 run to upset Georgia 34-27. This was the first time Kentucky beat Georgia in Athens since 1977! As Kentucky looks to make it three 8 win seasons in four years against Tennessee next week, the Dawgs are left with a 6-5 record and a game at #7 Georgia Tech, a series that now looks like Georgia Tech has a stranglehold on. But let's forget about that game right now; instead, I want to focus this blog on the wonderful coaching of the Georgia Bulldogs.

     Let's start on the Offensive Coordinator position with Mr. Mike Bobo. Bobo, a QB for Georgia from 1994-97, has been the offensive coordinator since head coach Mark Richt relinquished the duties in late 2006. Bobo was considered a genius after the 2006 Chik-fil-A Bowl when Georgia, trailing #14 Virginia Tech 3-21 at halftime, rallied thanks to the momentum of a spontaneous onside kick to begin the second half to win 31-24. That was just about it for the glory days of Bobo's coaching. Although many teams would die for last year's numbers, it was a huge letdown from Georgia's preseason #1 ranking. Is this entirely Bobo's fault? No. Is this year's dud of a year entirely Bobo's fault? Absolutely not. Here's my biggest issue with Mike Bobo: He is a moron.

   Here's my recap of Georgia's playcalling in the second half of the Kentucky game: run, run, pass, punt. That's all they did! Now why would you hardly throw at all when passing is what gave you the lead in the first place? Is it because you have no confidence in the man throwing the ball? Something has to play in when it's 3rd and 11 with 6:07 left in the game and you run the ball up the middle. If you polled 100 people and asked what they would do on 3rd and 11, I would guarantee at least 98 would say throw the pigskin. But for some odd reason, our guy, Mike Bobo, doesn't think that's right. No confidence in our QB? If it's true, sit his butt on the bench and put in someone who you do believe in!

  Here's another point I must critique about Bobo's plays: they are too predictable. My 12 year old sister who knows very little about football was literally predicting Georgia's plays and for the most part getting them right. So was one of my friend's from school who watched the game with me. If two teenagers can predict your plays, don't you think a defensive coordinator on the other team can? Apparently this is a fact, proven by the outcome of this game. You cannot expect to win in the SEC if you are predictable. You know which teams are predictable? The bottom feeders. And if Bobo stays at Georgia, that's where they will be.

  Now onto Defensive Coordinator Willie Martinez. Martinez, now in his fifth year as Georgia's DC, has been on and off the hot seat for a while in his tenure in Athens. Although at one time he was a finalist for several head coaching jobs at some non-BCS schools, he turned them down to stay at Georgia. Big Mistake. This year seemed to be important on Martinez's tenure at Georgia, and it's been horrible. I've never seen a Georgia defense as bad as the 2009 version. It's simple stuff that kills the Dawgs: not wrapping a guy up, jumping offsides, and hitting a guy when he's already five yards out of bounds. You cannot expect to win when your defense plays this way. If it's just one player who's a problem, then you can call out that one guy, but when it's an entire defense, the defensive coordinator's job should be in question. One play that pretty much summed up the Dawgs defense this year happened in the third quarter of the Kentucky game. QB Morgan Newton threw a little screen pass to RB Derrick Locke, who had three Georgia defenders in front of him. Yet Locke found a way around them, leading to a 60 yard touchdown and a huge shift in mometum. Most fans say "Wait 'Till Next Year". With Martinez at the helm of the Dawgs D, I say "Wait 'Till Next Coach".

   I say there is only one solution to the problems brought up in this blog: both Mike Bobo and Willie Martinez need to be fired. Saturday night was the first time in my life that I was embarassed to say that I am a Georgia Bulldog. The question now may be should head coach Mark Richt's job come into question. My answer to this is not yet. In ten years as a head coach, you are expected to have at least two bad years. This is Richt's first, and many other teams around the country would love to call a 6-5 record a bad year. These other winning seasons prove to me that Richt knows how to run a football team. However, the same cannot be said for his assistants.

   I don't think that Richt will easily be coaxed into firing some of his assistants; in fact, he might flat-out refuse, but it has to be done! There is no way Georgia will ever win a National Championship with Mike Bobo as Offensive Coordinator and Willie Martinez as Defensive Coordinator. If Richt's not careful about how he handles this situation, Georgia might not ever get another chance to run for a National Title with Mark Richt leading the way.  


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