Sportshac's Thoughts

1. Walter Johnson- The best ever. 417 Wins, a fastball over 100 MPH, over 3,500 strikeouts, and most impressively, a career 2.17 ERA!  A season with that ERA is amazing but a career???? Unheard of.  Also won 2 MVPs and 2 World Series. Also pitched 56 consecutive scoreless innings.

2. Nolan Ryan- Best strikeout pitcher ever.  Over 5700 strikeouts, 27 seasons, 324 wins.  Threw 7 NO HITTERS!  Had 3 no-hitters broken up in the 9th inning, 12 one-hitters, 18 two-hitters.  At times, was the best pitcher ever but did have significant problems with control so Johnson gets the nod.

3. Roger Clemens- Over 350 wins in the modern era.  2nd most strikeouts ever, a 3.11 ERA career, 7 Cy Young Awards and might be the last 350 game winner besides Maddux that we will ever see.

4. Cy Young- The 511 wins speaks for itself and people might ask me why he isn't number one.  He also has over 300 losses, but the main reason is...he played too early!  As bad as that might sound, he played too early.  Still an outstanding pitcher whose record for complete games (749) and wins (511) will never even come close to being challenged.

5. Warren Spahn- 363 wins and the best left handed pitcher ever.  Went to 14 All-Star games and even won 23 games at the age of 42! Spahn was the model for longevity for a long time and he revolutionized the left-handed pitcher.

6. Greg Maddux-The most underrated player in MLB history for sure.  Maddux has superior stats to Clemens in almost every statistic.  The thing that brings down Maddux is the fact that he is a control pitcher NOT a strikeout pitcher like almost everyone else on this list.  When it is said and done, Maddux could win 370 games if he wants to stick around that long.

7. Bob Feller- Started pitching at age 17 and was one of the best pitchers every season until the end of his career.  His career was shortened due to WWII but if he had stayed, he would have had a chance to win 350-400 games and would have been even higher on this list.

8. Tom Seaver- 5 votes from being unanimously chosen to be in the Hall of Fame.  Won 311 games and even had over 3600 ks.  Seaver won 3 Cy Youngs but should have won at least 2 more but the Media instead gave them to less worthy candidates.

9. Christy Mathewson- The inventer of the Screwball, a 373 game winner with a career 2.13 ERA. Was one of baseballs best players and a great person too.  Pitched 79 career shutouts during his great career.

10. Sandy Koufax- Would have been the best pitcher ever if he didn't retire at the age of 30 due to arthritis.  Already had thrown 4 no hitters, had 165 wins, and over 2600 Ks.  The youngest inductee to the Hall of Fame at the age of 36.  The best clutch pitcher ever.  Had an ERA of .95 in 4 World Series!!!!! That is amazing.  What could have been.


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