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Summer practice begins Monday.  The Freshmen have reported and got themselves all orientated, and we've all been dashing through the magazines at the local Barnes & Nobles reading the seasons' previews of all the ACC teams, and getting angry at all the publications that don't have BC winning the Atlantic.

Did that cover everyone's summer vacation?  I hope so.  I'd hate to think that anyone was left out.  Though, it takes me back to my days in college, when the first day we returned from summer, I had a friend and he was wearing a shirt that said:




Camp Counselor.


I'm sure you're all smart enough to figure out that those were the answers to the three most common questions about the summer, when you return.  I had to give him his kudos for doing that.  NOW, I realize that I have not been writing much, but during the dog-days of summer, I figured that if you were really jones'n for some news, you could hit up the recruiting trail on either Eagleinsider or Eagleaction.  I let the boys who try to grade high schoolers deal with words like 'prospects' and 'potential.'  Personally, I don't like to rate a player until he puts on the pads and jersey for the first time and steps on the field.  With that said, I'm sure people are all excited about what Jags and his crew of cast-off Mid-Major coaches are doing with prospects.  Mobile Quarterbacks at Boston College?  No.  Really?  Huh.  I feel that we need to be enlightened.  Since, for the life of me, I can't seem to remember, the first person who responds to this and tells me who the first 'non-white immobile' QB was at the Heights, I'll.. well you'll be rewarded somehow.  No, Flutie does not count as an answer because he was of Lebanese descent.  Please post answers in the response column.

Alright, all that aside, from what I've read through publications of Athlon, Blue Ribbon, Phil Steele, etc. etc. is pretty much a consensus only on these points.

1. Wake Forest's ACC Championship was not a fluke.  - But nobody wants to rank them in the top three of the Atlantic this upcoming season despite returning a majority of their players (obviously, Abbatte, the safeties and Vallos are gone, but Andrews returns and Skinner is still there...)

2. Virginia Tech has the best defense in the conference.  But Sean Glennon looks like the second coming of Grant Noel.

3.  Matt Ryan is the best quarterback in the conference.  Nobody trusts his receivers.

4. FSU and Miami won't underachieve again, but if they do, than the ACC is obviously a weak conference.

I feel that pretty much sums up the main points.  11 teams COULD win the ACC this year (sorry Duke) and I've managed to break it down into four categories, 

Should be in ACC Champ Game:  BC, FSU, VT, GT

Could be in ACC Champ Game: Wake,  Clemson, Miami

Watch out for us in '08: Maryland, Virginia

We try really, really hard:  State, Duke, UNC.

Rough year in the Triangle for football.  That's my prognosis.  Take a bunch of Bayer to thin the blood to prevent strokes and heart-attacks on Saturday.  Holding some TNT also wouldn't hurt.

Now, as this is a blog devoted to Boston College, where do the Eagles stand?  Are you ready for this BC fans?  I have no idea.  This team could finish undefeated in the ACC with the talent and experience returning, or they could finish 7-4.  I have no clue.  None.  There are pros and cons I see to the season that could affect things to the point where nothing will surprise me (note, I didn't say 'dissapoint' but 'surprise' there is a difference you whack-job zealots who keep e-mailing me about how I'm not a true fan.  God you're almost as bad as Alabama or Notre Dame fans).

People point to the coaching staff.  Sure, Jags has not been a head coach before, but his assistants, have.  Steve Logan was at the helm of ECU for a decade, and Cowboy Jack Junior was rocking in Ruston for 8 seasons.  That's tenure.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if both these coaches use the positions to re-acquire some mid-major level jobs in the next year or two.  Spaz is still with the defense, and so is McGovern.  In fact, before this off-season, I never heard McGovern's name used so much as I did with people trying to justify that BC wasn't hurting in the coaching department.  Congrats Bill, you got a ton of ink (real and virtual) the past 8 months. 

Anyway, I think the staff will be fine.  It's how the offense adjusts to 1) a more open attack and 2) zone blocking.  Ah, zone blocking.  Truthfully?  I'm not a huge fan of it.  Oh sure, everyone points to Shanahan and the Broncos for their 'revolutionary' style and creation of the scheme.  Oh look, any back can gain 1000 yards.  Well, considering that Bronco O-line was the best O-line since mid-90s Dallas, *I* could probably run my fat-**** for 500 yards with those guys blocking for me.  And speaking of fat-****, our O-line guys are on the 'large' size for zone blocking.  That's not their fault, they are used to running downhill and flattening everything in sight.  Now they have to be more 'finesse' blockers.  This concerns me greatly.

I'm officially putting out an APB on Brian Toal's shoulder.  Please return to Chestnut Hill.  Brian misses having one on his body, it makes him feel a bit asymmetrical.  He promises not to re-attach you this time with caulk, mortar, a glue gun, and 'Mr. Yuck' stickers, but actually use medical procedures.  On the brightside of Mr. Toal being the one-armed man..... well, at least the defense will have one senior next season?  Luckily, BC is okay at LB without him.  Obviously, with him in the lineup, they are a top-10 unit nationally.  Without him, they're still above average because of the depth, but he will be missed. 

Anyway, I know this blog has wandered all around in this posting, but to be fair, that's because the season is just starting up, and I have nothing targeted to post about.  That's where you come in, reader.  Suggest something.  Post something, send me a message, insult me, or someone, whatever.  Monday the Eagles take to the field, and we can start looking ahead to that Wake Forest opening game.

Aren't we glad we get to fine-tune the new offense against a 'cupcake?'



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