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I know, I know. Oh man another "We need a NCAA Football playoff" Well before you start to say anything. Here me out on this one. I debated putting this in a Throwdown but thought it may turn into a Blog, so here we are. Assuming Cincinnati beats Pittsburgh next week, and Florida defeats Florida State today. It is almost guaranteed that we will have 5 undefeated teams in College Football this season. Florida or Alabama Texas Texas Christian Cincinnati Boise State The polls have it right in my opinion having all six of these teams in the Top 6. But what about having these teams compete for a National Championship? It is all but in stone that you can count out Boise State and TCU to play for the title. You can almost count out Cincinnati. Leaving the winner of Florida vs Alabama to face Texas. Its just not right to have so many teams in Division 1 Football to go the entire season undefeated, only to miss out on a chance..A CHANCE, to play for the National Championship. So where does that leave us? A likely scenario pitting Texas vs Florida or Alabama for the National Championship. Maybe Texas Christian vs Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. Ohio State vs Oregon in the Rose Bowl, Cincinnati vs Florida/Alabama in the Orange Bowl. We could have 3 undefeated teams at the end of the season? Im sorry but if im a coach of a team that went through the schedule without a loss. Im going to be pissed at the fact that my team did not get an opportunity to win a championship because a computer said so. Why not put a playoff system in place of the Top 8 teams in the country and have them face off. You can still have your Bowl Games. Just have the winners advance. You take your 6 BCS Conference Champions, and your two at large bids and put them in a tournament. This is out it would look as of today. Florida vs Boise State in the Orange Bowl Texas vs Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl Alabama vs Texas Christian in the Fiesta Bowl Ohio State vs Oregon in the Rose Bowl It is simple, you get your four major Bowl games in so money is not an issue. I even gave the Rose Bowl their Big 10 vs Pac 10 match up. The next week you feature the Orange Bowl champion vs the Fiesta Bowl Champion, then the Sugar Bowl Champion vs the Rose Bowl Champion. Winners move on to the National Championship game. It is so easy if you look at it on paper. The only draw back to it would be you are extending the season for four teams. Who I would bet any amount of money, would be glad to do it if they had the opportunity to play for a championship. It is more revenue for the NCAA, and more revenue for the networks who televise the games. Plus it gives you a clear cut champion, and keeps us fans happy. So what are you waiting for NCAA? Get a playoff in place so we can crown a real National Champion.


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