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  It was announced today that Louisville head coach Steve Kragthorpe has been fired. Kragthorpe had a 15-21 record at the head man at Louisville, including a disappointing 4-8 record this year. The Cardinals are a long way off from their 12-1 season in 2006 capped off by an Orange Bowl victory. Now it is time for Louisville to hire somebody that can take them back to the Promised Land. Here are five candidates that I think they should consider:

Phillip Fulmer, former Tennessee HC - The Fulmer-Louisville marriage could be a match made in heaven. After all, Fulmer has already expressed his intent to return to coaching, Louisville's location is a familiar one for Fulmer, meaning recruiting will not suffer, and it seems that a coach with a lifetime of experience as a head coach is needed after Kragthorpe, who's only head coaching experience was four years at Tulsa, could never get the Cardinals on the right track. Bonus Fact: Louisville plays at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Not too bad for a big guy like Fulmer.

Tommy Tuberville, former Auburn HC - I fail to understand why no one has hired Tuberville after two losing seasons in ten years as Auburn head coach. The Fulmer situation and the Tuberville situation are very similar: both are experienced veterans who want to come back, both have plenty of experience in the SEC, and both have proven that they can lead a team to National Title contention. If Tuberville doesn't get a head coaching job this offseason, I wouldn't be shocked if he just calls it a career and sticks to being an analyst.

Butch Jones, Central Michigan HC - Louisville should consider taking a page out of Big East opponent Cincinnati's book. In late 2004 Cincinnati hired then Central Michigan head coach Brian Kelly as the head coach. Fast-forward to 2009, and the Bearcats are in the hunt for the National Title. Jones has coaching experience in the Big East, as he spent two years as an assistant at West Virginia. Central Michigan has won one MAC title in the three years Jones as been the head coach, and they are going into the MAC Title Game this year with a 10-2 record. If Louisville doesn't hire Jones, I guarantee someone else will try to.

Charlie Strong, Florida DC - Off course, I believe Charlie Strong should be a candidate in every head coaching opening this year. I still don't understand how he hasn't had the opportunity to be a head coach, while the answer may lie in his race and the fact that his wife is white. If this is the case, it's a crying shame. Strong has been coaching the Gators since 2002, and if you were to poll all the SEC coaches on which assistant has the brightest future as a head coach, Charlie Strong would be the answer. Strong is 49 years old, young enough to be a head coach for 20+ years and old enough to have enough experience to know what he's doing. Whoever hires Strong will make the best hire of this offseason, and Louisville would be crazy to not at least consider him.

Wild Card: Jon Gruden, former Tampa Bay HC - You might think that I'm throwing Gruden's name out there just because it seems like everybody wants him to become a college head coach. Sure, his name has surfaced at other schools, like Tennessee and Notre Dame, but that doesn't mean that Louisville will consider him. Here's why I think Jon Gruden could end up at Louisville: his brother. Jay Gruden, the younger brother of Jon Gruden, played QB at Louisville from 1985-1988. After his time as Cardinals QB he moved on to the AFL, where after a stellar playing career he went on to become the head coach of the Orlando Predators, where he won two Arena Bowl titles. Jon becomes head coach, Jay returns to his alma mater as offensive coordinator. Simple as that.


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