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I will try to do a preview before every week of the season from now on:

Thanksgiving weekend is here. Means playoff races are on and snow is coming soon. Many great games to go on this week and many games that should be blowouts.

Start off to recap Thanksgiving day games.

The Packers came into Ford field and whooped the Lions. Rodgers had 349 yards and 3TD as the Packers easily won 34-12.

The Raiders came into this game with a great win against the Bengals and came out with a dissapointing loss to the Cowboys. Bruce Gradkowski had a better day than Russell would have had but they still lost 24-7.

The night ended with Denver winning 26-6 in a terrible game for the G MEN. The Denver defense was back to the way they were at week 3 and The Giants sucked again.

 Now for some of Sundays picks and predictions.

The awards,

GOTW: Jason Cambell.     Week MVP: Matt Schaub.       

Now for the games:

Tampa Bay at Atlanta: Atlanta is 1-4 in their last 5 after a 4-1 start which leaves them at 5-5. Luckily they have the Bucs and that should be no problem. Makienda's Falcons will win easily.            35-17 Falcons

Carolina at New York Jets: Mark Snachez has struggled in the cold vs the Bills and Pats but luckily forcast says 57 degrees. They will bounce back with Sanchez, in his game after Buffalo, they creamed Oakland. They will get it barely.            27-23 Jets

Seattle at St. Louis: #39 Steven Jackson is great but the rest of the team is horrible. They need a new team and they are terrible. Seattle wins this easy.                 34-10 Seattle

Miami at Buffalo: T.O had a good game for once. The wildcat will go Wild against the Bills Defense even without Ronnie Brown. Expect another big game from Ricky Williams as the Bills will continue there struggles.                  28-13 Dolphins

Washington at Philadelphia: The Eagles are not the best team in the NFL nor worst. They are slightly above average. The Redskins just suck. This team cant win as they looked bad vs Dallas. Jason Cambell = GOTW with 4 Interceptions.                              21-3 Eagles

Cleveland at Cincinatti: The Bengals had a bad week last week as they lost to Oakland. Cleveland has had 9 bad weeks. I dont think Cincinatti has much to worry about unless Brady Quinn has another huge game.                       28-17 Bengals

Indy at Houston: UPSET ALERT! UPSET ALERT! I pick HOUSTON! Expect a huge week from Matt Schaub. Indy hasnt looked so great the past few weeks and on the road vs Houston who they barely beat at home, i feel it will be a close upset.                       34-30 Houston.

Kansas City at San Diego: Kansas city has only been losing lately. SD is one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. THis is a no brainer blowout.              38-10 Chargers.

Jacksonville at San Fransisco: MJD has been running the ball all over defenses this year. Alex Smith stillisnt a good QB yet. Jacksonville wins pretty easy.                27-17 Jaguars.

Chicago at Minnesota: Rumors that AP is sick might make this a bit closer. Cutler is throwing like he wants somebody to catch it, doesnt matter which team it is. Favre is only throwing to Rice, his slots and backs and AP runs the ball up everybody anyday any defense.                 34-13 Vikings.

Arizona at Tennesee: Vince Young is doing well now and Tennesee is hot now. They have beaten some good teams and they will win this one in a close game.           21-17 Titans.

Pittsburgh at Baltiomre: Big Ben will not play. Pittsburgh will likely lose again. The Ravens are better than their 5-5 record, they lost all their games by a small margin so they could be 8-2 easily.                      24-20 Ravens

New England at New Orleans: Drew Brees= NFL MVP as of week 12. New England lost to Indy (unbeaten) and to the Giants in the super bowl (they were unbeaten) so they have no luck vs unbeatens.                    35-31 Saints.

Thats  it.


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