It's 888 Miles to Chicago...
Well, I was able to take in most of the weekend's games...only really missing out on the Pats-Jets game...and between entertaining my daughter, and dozing off...I got to see some decent football games.

Man, did the Chiefs look awful or what?  That was some of the most inept play by an Offense I have ever seen.  They made the Indy Run D look good...and I didn't think that was possible.  Possible causes?  Well, there is the possibility that Trent Green still thinks it's week 1, due to the massive head trauma he received at the start of the season.  There is the real possibility that LJ had nothing left in the tank after carrying the ball 416 times.  And there is the fact that the Chiefs have ZERO talent at the WR position....and haven't had a good WR for what seems like forever...I think Andre Rison's brief appearance was the only time I can remember a talented WR being a Chief.  But I gotta say, I'm putting the blame on the coaching staff for this one.  Here's just a few reasons...

  • - Trent Green played one of the worst games ever, and they never made a move to play Huard...even though he played the chiefs into the playoffs.
  • - The game plan was totally unimaginative, and almost every play called caused me to scratch my head.
  • - Anytime you force 3 ints from Manning, and've coached a TERRIBLE game.

Look, I've never been a big fan of Herm Edwards, but this game made think even less of the guy.  Especially, when right after the loss he was out laughing and joking with Dungy at, Herm, you lost, at least pretend to be frustrated.

Meanwhile, the Colts looked good...but let's see how they play on the road, and against a team that actually can play offense....and those 3 picks that Manning threw...he can't do that again, or they're out of the playoffs.

What a finish to the Hawks-Boys game.  Just totally nutty.  Both teams were playing like they wanted to lose the game, and in the end, the Boys just outlasted the Hawks. 

That Hawks secondary looked a lot better than it should of, thanks a lot to the drops by the Boys WRs, especially Terrell "I'm becoming Dennis Rodman" Owens.  I don't know if anyone else saw the shot where TO is on the sidelines after dropping a ball, looking over picks with an Ofensive Assitant, and by his hand movenments, you can see that he's pointing out the formations, and how they should throw him the ball...and then Romo comes over, and you can actually see his mouth say, "throw me the ball", TO...CATCH THE DAMN THING!!

So this loss was not Romo's fault.  The Defense let a Hawks team that still has no rhythm rip right through them when it mattered.  And I'm pretty sure it wasn't Romo that called for the pass to Glenn that resulted in the safety...why do you make that call?  Is the running game that bad?  The dropped snap was all on Romo, the ball was right there, and plop...but the game was lost long before then.  And was still winnable after that...until the D just let Alexander blast through them for 20 yards.

This loss is on the D, but I don't know if Romo is going to recover mentally from this one.  It's going to be tough to carry all the weight of this loss, and this is something that can break a young player like him.  It will be interesting to see what happens with him next season.

Oh, and've met Miles Austin, let me introduce you to Devin won't be touching him much either.

Wow, the Giants aren't good.  Westbrook made them all look like a bunch of morons out there.  And Coughlin...oh my god...his post game remarks..."We accomplished a lot of good things this year, we need to look at the positive, and not at the end negative outcome", what?  You went from NFC favorite at 6-2 to last team into the playoffs.  You're QB has regressed, your best player is retiring, and every player on the team took shots at your cruddy coaching...seriously, is there a more negative season that you can have?  Well, yes, you could be the Lions...but hey, the Giants don't have the Albatross called Millen around their neck.  If Tom keeps his job, or gets another in this league...I just don't know what I can say about that.  Seriously, Mr. Peeps would be better than him, and his a constantly drunk chimp.

Also, the Tiki Barber comments were just sad.  "I've decided that I'm not going to let not winning a Super Bowl define me, I thought it would, but I've move past that thanks to my individual accomplishments", is there a bigger loser statement one can make?  Tiki, you can't just change your story about how much a Super Bowl means to you when you're hanging them up...changing your mind like that just looks lame, and is totally hollow.  Look, you've been on record about how important it is to you...just say, "Man, it sucks going out without a ring, I thought we had a chance this year, and it's going to be my biggest regret".  Good luck in your media career after football Tiki, the last few months of your football career really went against the good guy image you spent the first 10 years building.

The Eagles are a very interesting team, and of the possible oppenents, offer the best chance of beating the Saints...should be a really interesting game...but I'll save that for my picks column...

A word on some of the commercials...

Okay, stop showing the damn Primeval commercial.  He's not a serial killer, he's a CROCODILE!!!  Don't you think there are going to be a lot of pissed off people when they goto see a "serial killer" movie, and end up with Lake Placid?  Just ridiculous.

Ford commercials just drive me nuts...they are just sad in their I've taken to just repeating "Millen" over and over again while I watch them.

Finally, I want to complain about the College Football is it that the Illini can beat #3 Michigan, #4 Penn State, #22 Minnesota, and #25 Missouri, and still be ranked only 8th?  With a 1 loss USC at #7?  And it's not like these were close games, the Illini won them all quite easily...just ridiculous that the fake voters in NCAA 2007 can't see how good this Illini team really is.  As coach of the Illini, I put it to you FanNation to rail against this injustice, and insure that the Illini goto a BCS game!


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