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     After many weeks of speculation, tomorrow an announcement about Bobby Bowden's future with the Florida State program will be announced. However, it has already leaked that Bowden will call it a career after 34 seasons as the Florida State head coach. He will leave with a record or 388-129-4, subject to change after the Seminoles bowl game. Offensive coordinator and current coach-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher will become the head coach starting next season.

    Bowden, a legend in college football, has been under fire in the past few years. After dominating college football and the ACC since the early '90s, Florida State has failed to contend nationally since 2003. Since the Seminoles went 10-3 that year and lost in the Orange Bowl, they have went just 46-30 with 3 bowl wins and just one ACC championship. This year's 6-6 record was the final straw for Florida State's board of trustees, who gave Bowden the ultimatum of either staying on as an ambassador for the program or just retire. According to ESPN, Bowden has chosen the latter. Enough of the facts, here's the part where I rant.

    First off this is the worst handling of a coaching legend in the history of college football. Bobby Bowden built FSU, no doubt about it. The two coaches that preceeded Bowden as Seminoles head coach went 19-37. There's no denying that at the time Bowden left West Virginia for Florida State it wasn't exactly the hottest job around. In fact, Bowden himself joked "At West Virginia, they sold bumper stickers that said BEAT PITT. When I came to Florida State, they sold bumper stickers that said BEAT ANYBODY." With all the struggles the Seminoles had before Bowden was head coach, he quickly fixed all their problems, as evident by his only losing season being his first. He was able to win two National Championships, and he is currently second in all-time wins in Div I-A football. Yet apparently Jimbo Fisher, a forty-four year old coach with no head coaching experience, is more qualified for the job than Bowden. My first issue with this is that Bowden as worked his tail off for 34 years, so I say he gets to call it a career, not the board of trustees. My second issue is the fact that I honestly believe that Jimbo Fisher is not qualified to be head coach of the Florida Seminoles.

   Think about it for a moment: ever since Fisher came to FSU after the 2006 season, Florida State has went 29-22. Sure, neither Bowden nor Fisher should be blamed for the Seminoles struggles, but I'm failing to see what about Jimbo Fisher is so great that you run out arguably the greatest college football coach ever out of town. If I was in charge at Florida State, Jimbo Fisher would not be replacing Bobby Bowden this year. Or ever.

   Here's the way I would have handled it. Bowden is a living legend, so I let him decide when he feels he can no longer get the job done. Once this time comes, I don't promote an offensive coordinator with no head coaching experience. Instead, I call up a former FSU offensive coordinator with plenty of head coaching experience. That's right, I call Georgia head coach Mark Richt. Before the 2009 season I would have said there is no way in heck that Richt would ever leave Georgia, but Coach Richt's staff has been criticized heavily this year. Some irate fans have even called for Richt himself to be fired. A year like this could make Richt think twice about turning down the team that made him famous and turning down the chance of replacing his mentor. If he decides not to take the job, I ask him for a list of candidates that he thinks could get the job done. Along with Bowden, a list is compiled, and eventually a coach with head coaching experience is found.    

   I hope that the Florida State never wins another national title or ACC championship under Coach Fisher. I also hope that Bobby Bowden cries his eyes out tomorrow and gives the guys that basically fired him nightmares forever. Bobby Bowden is a legend. You just don't show a legend the door.  


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