Scrooge's Rant

These are my 10 players that I expect to bust from this draft.  I thought that the 2007 NFL Draft was a rather weak draft and I think that more than 10 players will probably bust. 

1. JaMarcus Russell-Russell is a quarterback who has a ton of physical ability and upside, but he also has little understanding of the mental aspects of the game.  He's a player who needs to get good coaching to become a good player, but what's the chance that Lane Kiffin can coach?  Slim to none.  College head coaches never succeed in the NFL and Kiffin was a COLLEGE ASSISTANT to a guy who failed twice in the NFL(Pete Carroll).  It's not like Russell has a great teammates or a great offensive coordinator(Greg Knapp) to learn from either.

2. Gaines Adams-Talk about a bad pick, you never take a one-dimensional pass rusher with a top 5 pick.  I did a little research on the past 10 drafts(1994-2004) that can be evaluated and I found out that about half of the defensive ends(3-4 outside linebackers not inclued) drafted in the top 10 end up being busts.  Most of these players are your one-dimensional pass rushers that don't stand up well in the run game.  The players who can rush the passer and stop the run among those defensive ends are able to stay in the league much longer.  Gaines Adams sucks against the run and he'll probably end up being one of the busts.

3. Jamal Anderson-See Gaines Adams.

4. Ted Ginn, Jr.-This is a classic boom or bust pick, I'll take the bust on this one.  He's got speed and he's got decent hands, but that's it.  He can't run routes, he can't read defenses and make adjustments to his routes, and he struggles to get off of the press.  Everyone says that his speed will make him into a great receiver, but last time I checked, speed doesn't make great receivers.  You've still got to have great hands(Ginn has okay hands), you've got to run routes, you've got to be able to read defenses and make adjustements in your routes, and you've got to get off the press.  Ted Ginn can't do those things.

5. Adam Carriker-For some reason, he has the aura of a bust.  To me, he's a pure 3-4 defensive end that is a bad fit for any 4-3 team.  I know that the Rams are turning him into a defensive tackle, but I don't know if he has the ability to play in a 4-3.  I don't think that he has the ability to play in a pure 4-3.  If the Rams needed a defensive tackle, they should've taken Alan Branch.

6. Justin Harrell-This was a bad pick on so many different levels and was, by far, the worst pick of the draft.  Harrell has bust written all over him.  He was a high second round pick at best and he probably would've been there the next time the Packers picked.  Not to mention that he's hurt a lot.  He'll probably bust.

7. Leon Hall-I know that a lot of people think he'll be the best cornerback from this draft, that's crazy.  He played two good receivers in his senior year(Dwayne Jarrett and Ted Ginn, sorry Jeff Samardzija) and got lit like a candle.  Leon Hall was the weak point of that Michigan defense last year.  That Michigan front 7 was dominating their opponents while Leon Hall got burnt to a crisp.

8. Dwayne Bowe-He is put in a terrible position where he just can't succeed and I think that it will diminish his confidence and ruin his career.  He's got a bad head coach, an inexperience quarterback, an offensive line that is being decimated by many people retiring, and is entering an offense in which its playmakers are getting old(Tony Gonzalez) or they're holding out and have a lot of wear and tear on thier body(Larry Johnson).  I think he'll be a bust because of his situation and not because of him.

9. Robert Meachem-He's got questions with his lack of work ethic and him being overweight.  That doesn't bode well in the NFL.  I don't care who you are, in the NFL you have to work hard week in week out.  It doesn't matter how much talent you've got, if you have no work ethic, you will be a bust.  I just don't feel that Meachem has much of a work ethic.

10. Craig Davis-Craig Davis will be a bust.  This is another pick that was a major reach and those picks usually don't make out too well in the NFL.  Craig Davis wasn't even the 2nd best receiver on his team, he was the 3rd best receiver behind Early Doucet and Dwayne Bowe.  Davis has bust written all over him.


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