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So, here we are again. Last year, as SI writer Don Banks has pointed out, the NY Jets were 8-3 and looking to charge into the playoffs. That did not go so well for them. In the last 5 weeks of the season in 2008, the Jets went 1-4 and Favre threw for a horrid 2 TD-9 INT ratio.

Quite simply, Favre and his rocket arm grew tired. He ran out of steam, yet still consistently threw about 33 attempts a game over those last 5 games.

Almost 4 months ago, I posted a blog called "**Favrian Analysis**". Wow, only four months have passed and it already looks stupid.

Anyway, in that post, I wrote that the Vikings needed to take care of Favre and his arm; otherwise, things would go downhill just like it did for the Jets last year.  Did they?  A quick counting of attempts will tell the story.  

Jets 2008 Season (After week 12) = 347 Attempts

Vikings 2009 Season (Week 12) = 358 Attempts

Well Vikings, you made the same mistake that the jets did.  The Jets, however, didn't have talent on offense like you do.  You have Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin.  The Wildcat was practically made for Harvin.  Yet did you use it much?  No, no you didn't.  And now the Vikings will pay the price.  

Will they make the playoffs?  Yes, at least I hope so.  2nd place Green Bay is three games back.  At the worst, the Vikes could go 2-3 in this final stretch, giving them a 12-4 record.  

But now, will they be able to depend on Favre in the playoffs?  No. 

But it is never too late to change.  15-25 passing attempts is great, especially when you are 40 years old.  Start using AP and Chester Taylor a bit more.  Run the ball, and get Favre to the playoffs with an arm, or the remnants of one.

Watch for Favre's MVP candidacy to slip as he starts throwing some interceptions just like last year.   They will lose to the Bengals; I foresee a 3-4 INT game for the ex-packer against the Bengals great secondary.  


Five Thoughts on Football

I am sticking to my Super Bowl prediction, for the NFC at least.  I thought I had the Saints going to the NFC championship game againts the Pack.  Oh well. 

The Ravens will be lucky to get the playoffs, and I kinda hope we don't.  Shorter season = Healthier team next year.   The ravens wouldn't go far in the playoffs anyway, with that vomit-inducing secondary.  Ladarius Webb is a bright spot though.

For the AFC, I will take the Colts to the Super Bowl.  They beat the Bengals in the AFC Championship game, simply because the Bengals have little experience in the playoffs.


College Football

Who wants Texas to lose to Nebraska?  I do!  TCU deserves a shot at a BCS berth, we all want to see what they could do to Alabama or Florida.

SEC Conference Championship: Alabama 30, Florida 27.  


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