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This is another idea I got from Mac, ranking the helmets in the NFL.  Ranked mostly by my personal liking.  I will write a sentence or two about the first ten and last ten.  A lot of my reasoning is pretty corny, but it's my opinion, so deal with it.

1.  Dallas Cowboys - For me, there is just something about the star on the helmet.  It symbolizes greatness (I'm an Eagles fan, by the way) and how the silver glistens under the lights in a dome or Texas Stadium just sort of gets me.

2.  Philadelphia Eagles - I'm a big fan of helmets like this one (Rams, Vikings).  It just sort of feels like they are about to take flight and the green of the helmet fades into the black, grey, and white of the wings very well.

3.  New England Patriots - Basically the same as the Cowboys.  My first memory of this helmet is Super Bowl XXXI and just how it looked under the lights of the Superdome.  Something about the silver helmets...

4.  St. Louis Rams - The color combination of dark gold and navy blue is perfect for the modern age (royal blue and bright yellow is so 1990s).  I'm a big fan of this helmet type and it just sort of looks like you are going to get run over by a ram.

5.  Green Bay Packers - Bit of a homer pick here, but I just fell in love with these helmets.  The yellow goes with the green and white perfectly and when the offensive line is lined up perfectly, it becomes my definition of perfection.

6.  Carolina Panthers - I really like the silver/black/light blue combo and the way the stripes on the helmet diverge in the back really gives it a streamlined feel.

7.  Denver Broncos - Again, a good color combination and it just feels streamlined, like you're riding a bronco.

8.  Cincinnati Bengals - I like the stripes.  A lot.  Really gives the feel of a tiger, and pretty original in my opinion.

9.  Pittsburgh Steelers - Like the yellow and black, and having the logo on only one side really gives it an original feel.  I forget how old I was, but I was shocked when I found that the logo only appeared on one side.

10.  San Francisco 49ers - The gold, red, white, and black trim all tie together on this helmet.  Just looks really, really good in my opinion.

11.  Tennessee Titans

12.  Oakland Raiders

13.  Indianapolis Colts

14.  New York Jets

15.  New Orleans Saints

16.  San Diego Chargers

17.  Minnesota Vikings

18.  Arizona Cardinals

19.  Chicago Bears

20.  New York Giants

21.  Baltimore Ravens

22.  Jacksonville Jaguars

23.  Kansas City Chiefs - I just don't like the orange.  That's about it.  The logo is good, but I would like some tweaking in the color scheme, I don't know to what, but it would just make it more attractive.

24.  Buffalo Bills - I like these new helmets better than the old helmets (way too bright) but I don't think I will ever be a fan of the color scheme.  That kind of orange and blue just does not tickle my fancy.

25.  Atlanta Falcons - I don't really dig the black combined with that shade of red.  Not really my style.  The logo looks almost too modern, and the black on black just doesn't work for me.

26.  Houston Texans - Again, I don't like the blue on blue of the logo on the helmet.  Even with the outline it makes it hard to distinguish and pretty ugly.

27.  Detroit Lions - The old helmets would have ranked higher, but the different shade of blue and the black outline just make them uglier.

28.  Seattle Seahawks - It's better than the old helmets, which were just really sissy, but the colors are just too dark.  Uniforms would probably rank lower than this.

29.  Washington Redskins - Do not like it, period.  The stripe down the middle is way too thick, and the colors just do not go together.  Just don't like it.

30.  Miami Dolphins - Don't like the color scheme and there is nothing menacing about the Dolphin on the helmet besides the fact it is wearing a helmet and carrying a football.  The logo is just too "sunny" for the NFL.

31.  Cleveland Browns - The uniform itself would be ranked a lot higher, but the helmet is just sort of, eh.  Orange, brown, and white don't really cut it.

32.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers - It has the gold and red thing going on like the 49ers, but it just doesn't all fit together.  I blame it on the wrong shade of gold.

Thanks for reading.  Leave your grievances with me in the comments.  I'm pretty sure there will be a lot because I find my explanations very lackluster.

I'm doing uniforms for Ben next.


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