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6. Frank Gore. Now Gore had one good season so far in the NFL. I know alot of people are excepting alo out of him and they should. I need for him to have another good season before I put him in the top 5. If LJ hold out lasts longer Gore jumps up into the top 5 for sure. Now alot of you might be wondering why Addai so high then if you only had one good seaon. My reasoning for that is. First off he has not had an major knee problem like Gore has, as of right now too Gore has a broken hand. 2nd the Colts have a high powered offense and it is proven. The 49ers have a good offense but need to do it for as long as the Colts have been. Gore will be a stud back and you have a good chance of winning it all with him as your franchise player.





7. Rudi Johnson. This guy over the past 3 season has been solid for fantasy owners. Every year you can pencil this guy in for 1,200 yard and 12 tds. This year should be no different in the Bengals offense. The only thing that scares me is that they lost a very good guard on there line Eric Steinbauch. But Rudi will get all the carries and with Palmer 100% with CJ and TJ at the wr. The passing game should open up alot of big holes to run through for Rudi.





8. Brian Wesstbrook. Westbrook had one of his mush productive year on the ground last season. This guy is one of Mcnabbs favorite targets. If you get points for receptions in your league this guy might be higher on your board. He is a solid running back when healthy, he is a little fragile and has alot of questionable starts leading up to game time. Which drives a fantasy owner crazy. Westbrook will have another great year and I look for him to improve on his stats from last season. Mcnabb needs to stay healthy for this guy to still have great value for where you will get him at.



9. Travis Henry. Now you all now the Broncos rep for producting good fantasy backs. Now with Henry who will not be sharing carries and is planning on carring the full load this season. He should put up great fantasy numbers in that blocking scheme the broncos have. He did great for the titans last season, there should be no excuse why he could not be a top 10 fantsy back this year.






10. Laurence Maroney. This guy could have a huge year with the Pats. Dillion is gone and he will get all the carries this season. Maroney showed last season he has all the talent to be a great running back in the NFL week in and week out. The Pats upgraded the wr core with Moss and Stallworth and Welker it will be hard for defenses to key in on one players. Maroney will have big holes to run through because of the passing game. I look for Maroney to have topped the 1000 yard mark and have at least 10 td.


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