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Although there is no excuse for Robbie Gordon's behaviour and reaction to NASCAR's decision during the inaugural NASCAR Busch race in Montreal, I do feel for him as he was robbed by officials who clearly blew the call.

If you didn't see the race here's what happened. Robbie was running 2nd to Marcus Ambrose on a late restart when eventual winner Kevin Harvick bumped into Scott Pruett who hit 3rd place driver Ron Fellows causing a multi car melee. As this was happening Gordon got by Ambrose before the yellow came out. Immediately after it came out Ambrose hit Gordon spinning him out.

Under NASCAR rules the field should have been frozen at the time the yellow came out. That should have meant Gordon was 1st, or at the least 2nd depending on where the last timing and scoring station was. But NASCAR said that Gordon spun out before the full course yellow came out and fell back to 13th or so when the yellow actually came out.

Gordon moved back through the field under the caution to take his position back up front but NASCAR told him to go back to 13th. He refused and restarted 2nd where he then proceeded to knock Ambrose off the track. Gordon went on to cross the finish line first but ignored black flags and was not scored on the final two laps. Gordon's subsequent penalty of not being able to race in Pocono, with more penalties likely to come, is well deserved. But NASCAR should also be embarrased as they too are at fault. Tapes clearly show that the yellow came out while Robbie was out front so NASCAR blew the initial decision. Officials responsible for this should also be penalized for their injustice and NASCAR should issue a statement saying as much.

A few other notes from Montreal;

1 - Why wasn't eventual winner Kevin Harvick penalized for his late race contact. If not for his bumping of Pruett none of the above might have happened. And if it had Ron Fellows, who was driving for Kevin Harvick Racing, would have likely won the race.

2 - Fellows return to 4th was a thing of beauty to watch. Due to that incident he was basically the last car on the lead lap for the green-white-checker finish. He moved up to 10th when the last lap began and came home 4th.

3 - Congrats to Patrick Carpentier for grabbing the pole and finishing 2nd in his first NASCAR race

4 - I have never seen slower pace laps in my life. That wasn't a Pace Car out there, it was a Pace Zamboni! If NASCAR thinks they need to have pace laps in the 5 minute per lap range to help fill TV time and to allow fans to spend money at the beer tent they should re-evalute their priorities. There is no need for a pace vehicle to travel at 20 or so MPH when 60 or more would be fine. Either they speed up the pace laps or actually let a Zamboni lead the field. NASCAR is so commercial now that perhaps they should allow a Zamboni to pace the field as they could then sell advertising space on it!


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