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It was a case of teams who were outplayed and outcoached, outclassed and outlasted. If it weren't for absurd turnovers and inexplicably stupid penalties, The Seahawks and the Chargers would be happily perched as conference championship game participants. Instead, thanks for uber-lucky breaks and second chance after second chance, the worse teams were able to steal victories. Now as the NFL season comes down to the final four, only 1 1/2 teams deserve to be there.

Firstly, the Ravens should have beat the Colts. Manning looked as scared and pathetic as ever. What's even more sad about it is that some would argue he played well all things considered. Unlike prior playoff stinkers, he engineered some non-scoring drives that helped the Colts win the field position battle, and put "Adamoney" in position to nail an NFL playoff record-tying 5 field goals. The simple truth is that Baltimore couldn't move the ball, thanks in part to the sudden Dungyesque Colts Defense. When a Colts team scores 15 points, you should expect to win by at least 5 points. Sad showing by the Ravens O. The Colts D belongs in the AFC championship.

Secondly, the Bears played like a pack of wild dogs today. I watched the game and from what I remember, Shaun Alexander ran the ball for 10 yards every play, except for the 4th and 2. Other than Alexander, who played very well, Hasselbeck was making Rex Grossman throws. I couldn't understand what the hell he was doing half the time. He didn't even take risks, he just made awful decisions and made key turnovers. The botched snap was just one more thing that the Seahawks did to try and lose the game. Big surprise, it happened. Bears do not belong in the NFC Championship. I'll admit though, I was rooting for the Seahawks so the Saints could have a home game. Now that the Bears won, the Saints have to travel to Chicago, which certainly doesn't help their chances. With how bad the Bears looked today though, there is hope the Saints can beat the Bears and make it to XL+1.

Thirdly, the damned Patriots, yes this is from a Masshole, won again. Tom Brady had the worst game of his playoff career and they still won. I've never seen a team more nervous of success and the moment than those Chargers today. Vincent Jackson might be huge and fast, but my god someone needs to give that fool some stickem! He can't catch a cold out there. Maybe it's the stupid clear visor, but that guy has bricklayer hands. Eric Parker was probably even worse than V-Jack, as we all saw him drop a punt, then fumble it again because he tried to just pick it up and run. He also dropped 2 or 3 passes. Completley unacceptable. I'm not done yet. How about Drayton Florence's inexplicable headbutt? I almost jumped into the screen and choked out that meathead. That was the dumbest penalty I think I've ever seen, ever. How can anyone, ANYONE, no matter how roid-raged you might be, not understand that it's 3rd and 18, against the Patriots of 2007, at home, in the most important game of your life, when they are just outside field goal range, and you have to control your emotions?! How can you be so stupid as to headbutt a guy, especially when he's got a helmet on and it won't hurt him anyway?! I guess that can be traced back to coaching for poor discipline. Looked like Tom Coughlin's team out there. Oh, and what the hell is the deal with Jabar Gaffney?! I've never seen anyone step up to look like a future hall of famer in the course of 2 weeks before. Insane.

Still not done with the Chargers game... Horrible game management in the last minute by Phillip Rivers. I don't blame him because he is essentially a Rookie, but still... you can't run up to the line with 40 seconds left, set up a play for 15, then throw a 3 yard pass to the middle of the field. It was a great throw by Rivers to Parker on the last play of the game, but everyone knows that Nate Kaeding is a little girly man in terms of his leg strength. Did you see that guy's hair? He looks like a little beach bum from Laguna Beach. Don't trust a kicker who looks like that with a 54 yard field goal in the playoffs. Alright, I'm not happy that much is clear. I didn't even mention the fumbled interception, or the constant fighting, asking for penalties out there. Also at the end of the game, the Pats were doing the Merriman on the 50 yard line, much to the dislike of LT, who had to be restrained. Afterwards, he took a shot at Bellichick, questioning his class. You know what? I'm going to agree with my boy. I think Bellichick is a total scumbag. He's a jerk with no class, as shown in a few examples that just pop into my head. From rubbing it in on the Titans by having Vinnie Testeverde throw a touchdown in garbage time just for a meaningless record, shoving a cameraman, snubbing Eric Mangini, or allowing his players to show such disrespect to dance on the San Diego 50 yard line, showing up 78,000 people, Bellichick has shown that he is a successful coach, but also a complete Ass$#)$. He'll never be fired because of his success, but it just goes to show you that sportsmanship doesn't matter anymore in the NFL, thanks to the money. A total shame. The Patriots don't belong in the AFC Championship game. I hope they get blown out by the Colts, which we all know won't happen.

Finally, the Saints did play well, and they deserve to be playing for a Super Bowl ticket. I have not much to say about the Saints, but I will point out--- Did anyone see that hit on Reggie Bush!?! That was one of the hardest hits i've ever seen. I can't think of anything more bone crunching than that. And I'm talking about clean hits where the player didn't suffer a severe injury. I've never seen such brute force on a defenseless receiver, and you know what? I love it. I thought I saw Bush puke or spit up a tooth or something. To see him up in 2 plays shows that he belongs on the NFL field. I wish him the best.  


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