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America's team?  First off, let me say that I am tired of hearing people picking the Saints because they are America's team.  Without straying into the faux pas world of politics in this here blog, I will say that just because our government ignored the problem and did an awful poor job of managing the reconstruction of a city does NOT mean that the Saints are America's chosen team.  Say that you like them because of the mole on Drew Brees' face; say that you like them because you are a fair-weather fan and you are immersed in the Reggie Bush hype; say you want them to win because Joe Horn inspired you to get a cell phone; or better yet, say you want them to win because you plan on voting for the Will Smith/Charles Grant ticket for the next election.

Is New Orleans better off now that the Saints are in the playoffs?  If you read anything apart from sports articles you would realize that the city itself is still far from recapturing it's old luster much less any positive rebuilding.  Sure, this might bring more money to the city, but the publicity is offensive; we are focusing on a football team and telling ourselves we care about a city.  When the Saints lose-or even after they win the Super Bowl-I want to know how we-the fan-helped advance the reconstruction. 

More importantly, I can all but guarantee that none of the Saints players are in a difficult position post-Katrina considering the lowest paid player makes just under $115k.  Genuine question: how much are these players giving back to the community?  How much of Brees' $8M, Horn's $8.5M, or McAllister's $7M is going directly to the people that need the most help?  How much did tickets cost to the game last week?  We should be applauding people like Warrick Dunn who has been building homes for underprivileged Americans through his foundation since 1997-the year he was drafted.  Talk about how these players are helping the city apart from raising hope and moral; you think that sounds harsh then let me ask how much the average American will care about New Orleans six months after the Super Bowl...

Return home... Am I the only person who could care less about Chris Webber returning to Detroit?  He is a washed up player and the Pistons will not win with him.  This does put an interesting spin on my lifelong bet with many friends-which is that no team with Chris Webber will ever win the NBA Championship-although I am not too worried.  Wasn't he supposed to do the same thing a few years ago with the Sixers?  Seriously though, what was Juan Uribe doing at CWeb's signing?

(so apparently I can't put the pictures through... sorry guys, but check out Joe Dumars at the signing & tell me he didn't have a face full of chaw just like El Rey del Caribe Uribe).


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