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The NL west as everyone already knows i the toughest divison in baseball.  Everyones saying it.  There is 3 contenders and then the rockies how are they going to far in this all and that is what i'm gonna do.  Break it down for all of you people that just want to read about more baseball or that don't read about baseball and want to know more about the NL west.

 In the parenthises will be where they will end up on the last day of the season.....



(1) Arizona Diamondbacks- They are the hottest team in baseball winning 12 of their last 14 games, sweeping the dodgers last weekend, have only lost one series since the all star break, against the Brewers.  They are now 1 1/2 games up on SD and 4 up on LA which is a tremendous turnaround from being 5 back in the middle of July.  Eric Bynres is leading the dbacks with everything hes got batting around .303, 17 HR's, and 64 RBI's, also has 27 SB only been caught 6 times. Then we have CY (or chris b. young)- he has 19 homers but only batting .240 but thats not that bad for a rookie has 17 stolen bases at an 89% clip.  Then we have Brandon Webb who is now pitching like the CY award winner he was last season throwing 24 consecutive scoreless innings so far.  Pitched a complete game SO yesterday.  The Dbacks have one of the best bullpens in the NL, with Lyon, Pena, and Valverde who has one of the most saves in baseball.  I see them taking the division because they know how to play, their youngsters aren't gonna get intimidated because they went very far in last seasons AAA playoffs.


(2) San Diego Padres- The padres have the best pitching in the majors but pitching won't win u ball games if you can't score and thats what they need the most is consisten hitting.  Well they got a little of that over the weekend, sweeping the Giants in 3 games, coming from behind in 2 of the games.  Jake Peavy is star and a possible HOFer.  Chis Young is a good pitcher who if he settles down some along with the whole staff can lead them to a WC birth.  They have a HOFer in Hoffman, 510 saves and counting. Well there you have it the padres are the wildcard.

(3) LA dodgers- They are going down and going down fast.  They had the division lead 2 weeks ago, 5 over the dbacks and around 2 over the padres.  Now they are 4 out padres are around the same place and dbacks leading the division.  Wow how things change so fast.  They have an Ace in Penny, but after losing his last 2 starts, hes not looking like the Ace he was ealier.  They have a good hitter in Loney.  Nomar's coming around lately.  And the 2 speedsters are doing there job pretty well at the top of the lineup.  But they just don't have enough of what it takes to rebound and get back in to contention.  The Dodgers falter late and don't make the playoffs

(4) Colorado Rockies- Did anyone have them only being 5.5 games out in august. I sure didn't.  They are playing good ball, with Francis gong 11-1 since starting out 1-4. What a turnaround.  Then they have an MVP canidate in Holliday.  Damn, where did this guy come from.  Hes one of the best hitters in the NL.  Then they have Helton who is always good, kinda surprised hes still in CO. and not some place else.  Well the Rockies are getting things better but they still don't have ENOUGH of "IT" to go to the playoffs.

(5) SF Giants- This team in awful.  The only reason people come out to games is because of Barry Bonds.  THis team is the oldest in baseball.  They only bright spot on the team in a great young arm in Tim Lincecum.  This guy, barring injury, will be a CY winner and may be heading to cooperstown.  Tim has the moving fastball in the upper 90's and a crazy curveball that just freezes hitters and makes their knees buckle.  Well the Giants are out of this race 14 games out.  They should just bring up all their rookies now and get them used to the ML.  SF misses out AGAIN.




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