Remember the Past, or be Doomed to lose

I was looking through some websites trying to find some TD topics- and  looking at the draft classes- I was stunned to see just how little talent was DRAFTED by the east-

Lets look at a East this time- and my time frame is 95/96 (when Toronto came in) to last year.

Now please keep in mind that I used my biased opinion on who is a good player- The way I look at it, If he was traded to my Bobcats- I'd be happy. I might have missed a few boarderline all-stars but I doubt I missed  too much, if so let me know.

Atlanta- The Hawks have drafted 2 very good players since 95- Paul Gasol and Jason Terry. Neither is still there but other than Marvin Williams and Josh Smith, not much for this franchise.

Boston= Other than the team I have in a TD this team has drafted a ton of talent, Al Jefferson, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Ron Mercer, Chauncy Billups and Antoine Walker- I daresay this team could make the east Semis this year- trouble is Billups got better when he left- most of these players were Pitino-related.

Charlotte- The Bobcats, Not the Hornets, The one player they have drafted that is a bonafide star in the making Okafor. But thats 1 of 3 but better than most.

Chicago has a TON of talent, they just didn;t draft much of it - Eddy Curry, Elton Brand, Ron Artest not a bad start to a franchise. I bet they miss Elton Most of all.

Cleveland, not much there some dude name LeBron and Zydrunas Ilgauskas who was actually the second unpronouceable Euro drafted, plus Andre Miller, and Carlos Boozer. Not a bad haul- but just not much kept from there.

Detroit Nothing but Prince, whose better than anyone that

Indiana got, I mean I can;t find anyone on Indy I care about. I mean Harrington but I just don;t see it there, But I guess he'll have to do. 16ppg and only 20 ppg per 48? Great Rebounder though at 6'9

Miami- Wade, Butler, and that;s it.

Mil- Some good->great players that they only kept for a day, Redd, Dirk, Marbury, Fortson. That's a good team there.

New Jersey Two players that I see: Martin,and I'll toss  Tim Thomas in there.

Orlando-  Howard, And If I'm gonna let Tim in there for the 3-4 years he was good I guess I gotta go Mike Miller too.

Philly some skinny kid named Allen and for some reason I'm thinking Jiri Welsh, but I might be wrong.

Toronto, THis team is put together and at their peak could take the east.-> Canby, Bosh,Jamison, McGrady, Damon. Other than a weakness at PG take a look at what the Canucks had.

Wash, MJ got them one good player Kwame F'N Brown- Just kidding, Hamilton is the only player drafted here.

THink the East is still LEAST-

At least now you know why- they can;t draft! and when they do, they let them GO!

All East Drafted TEAM

C- Elton Brand, Boozer
PF- Dwight Howard, Bosh
SF- Lebron, Paul Pierce
SG- Redd, Artest
PG-Iverson, Wade

Pretty Good Team wouldn;t you say?

Bet I can take 4 teams from the west and WAX this team.

See you next week

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