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So on last night's Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon, the owner and CEO of the WWE made his in-ring return.  How would this work?  Didn't he have an "alleged demise" on June 11 where his limo exploded?  And then didn't he return after the Benoit massacre to say the demise was staged but Benoit's act wasn't?

What would the WWE do?

Well, Vince would attack Congress, the IRS, and lay claim to an illegitimate child, of course.

And you know what, I think it's gonna work.

Vince opened the show and told all the WWE Superstars to hit the ring.  After the ring was pretty much full, Vince came out to the ramp and talked for a while.  He put over his alleged demise, stating that he wanted to see how much the people would miss him.  And then in only a way Vince can, he stated just how much the audience, superstars, and everyone else really did miss him.  He then said that each wrestler in the ring would compete in a battle royal to see who his new General Manager would be.

William Regal, one of the best stars on the mic, and an aging man at that, won the match so now he'll have plenty of stick work with Vince.  Pretty smart move by WWE Creative right there.

Vince was not done there though, and not by a long shot.  There were many segments after matches where Vince would be talking to Regal, Regal's assistant Jonathan Coachman, or anyone else.  He made mention of Congress looking into the WWE, the IRS issuing concern, and how his family (son Shane, daughter Stephanie, and wife Linda) coped with the "loss" of Mr. McMahon.

The shot at Congress was pretty bold, but if anyone would do it, it's Vince of course.  He mentioned how the WWE has been through adversity, with other steroid allegations and other stories, and how they'd persevere again.

Basically the same was done when he mentioned the IRS.

But then the family part.  He said that Stephanie was looking to see just how much of her father's money she would inherit.  He said Linda was around another man after the limo explosion.  He said Shane was MIA.  And then Vince stated that he needed to get his family back together, as the segment ended.  What will happen with this angle?  It's really anyone's guess, and I can't wait to see just what happens here.

Vince's final spot came at the end of the show, where we walked by all the WWE Superstars, opened the door outside, walked slowly to his limo, and begin sitting in it, earily similar to the June 11 segment where the limo exploded.  This time Coachman ran to the limo just before McMahon shut the door, yelling that he had something important to say.  He showed Vince the summons papers from Connecticut stating that he has an illegitimate child.  The show ended with Vince looking away with one of those faces that only Vince can make.

Did Raw succeed in getting people guessing as to what's going to happen?  Yes.

Did Raw succeed in getting the ratings up after the Benoit tragedy?  I don't know, but I believe so, yes.

Did WWE bring Vince back too soon?  At first I thought yes, but now I say no.

I think it's a great idea to have him back.  The angle of saying he faked his death to see how much people missed him was an easy cop out to get him back on TV, but that's a good thing.  I'm glad they didn't go into "who tried to kill him" mode or "let's explain the explosion" mode.  The easy cop out was a good choice.

And now RAW and the WWE in general will have to continue being creative and just sit back and see if the ratings improve.  Hopefully they will.

Vince, well at least the "Mr. McMahon" gimmick, is a great character for television.  That alone should spike the ratings a little.  The illegitimate child angle could bring them up even more.  (p.s.  My guess for illegitimate child is Mr. Kennedy.  We'll see.)




And please people, I know that the WWE and sports entertainment in general is "not real" and "staged."  I know this.  Just don't post a comment telling me that it's fake.  I'm just posting this blog because I think it's very interesting to watch, and you guessed it, entertaining.


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