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I"M P*SSED!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK OOOUUUUTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

G.O.A.T- What the hell kinda name is that??!?!?!?!?! That your girlfriend?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ZING!!!!!!! The only good thing about you is your love for The Blues Brothers. Other Than that, you are worth about as much as a penny bent in half and and covered in p*ss. You have the IQ of a wheel of cheese. GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!

chrono- He reminds me of the guy that tells the words over the speaker at the spelling bee. He always comes in, thinking he is so big and smart. I'm gonna hunt you down, throw rocks at your house, than steal you dictionary, burn it and make you watch, than give you bad milk. THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO BE A DUMBA*S!!!!!

Eagle Hater- He is a is little braty b*tch who has no emotion and no joy whatsoever. I could have a better time talking to Bill Belichick. He also ain't that smart.He is in love with Marc Bulger.  He is Clay Aiken's biggest fan. He once beat up a 10 year old girl to touch his hair. SICK FREAK!!!!!!

Mac- What can I say? His moronic statements and pointless conversations speak for themselves. He knows as much about sports as Ruby Noon. Speaking of....

Ruby Noon- blah, blah, blah, I should win every TD because I'm always right, blah, blah, blah. I'm shocked you have any WINS!!!!!!!!!! You are a complete waste of space on this site. You call everyone drunk idiots and facktards. You should look in the mirror.

Terminator- No one likes you. No one will ever like you. Just stop talking. It is IMPOSSIBLE TO LIKE YOU!!!!! Why? Quite simply, it's because you don't have a brain. You have no brain cells and no sports knowledge whatsoever. Now I know why your name is Terminator. Talking you to terminates everyones IQ.

Destoyer- OMG!!!!!!!!!!! You are the lowest level of a human being. You never make any good points, your arguments are down right pathetic, and everything about you just screams "I DON'T BELONG TALKING TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!"

DJ- He will never have a life. NEVER EVER!!!!!!!! He sits in his room in the dark and rants about everything under the sun. Ready your blog is as much fun as being impaled in the groin with a butcher knife.

DJ's next rant: "WHY DOES IT GET DARK WHEN NIGHT COMES?!?!?!?!?!?!? IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steelercooz- All Steeler fans are are arrogant sports fans who think there teams will always win. "The Pirates Will Win The WS!! The Steelers will win the Super Bowl!!!!" NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cooz is the prime example. He b*tches and complains on how no one respects Big Ben and how the Steelers are the greatest football team ever. Go home and talk to your boy Tommy Maddox, cooz.

Big Ben- Not the QB, the user on here who has no life. He claims he has a job working with beautiful women all day. I think he really is a plumber who deals with sh*it all day. Thats what he should be doing. He thinks he is sooo funny, has a horrible taste in music, and he doesn't know who Ervin Santana is. Just leave this site.

AdamLee- He cheats. We all know it. He is a wimp. He never takes any TDs and he is sooooooo worried about his record. GO OUTSIDE, GET A LIFE!!!!!!! The record means nothing. But it means everything to you. That tells me something about your sad state of mind. And you are as funny as Steven A. Smith.

Basketball Jesus- He copies arguments. Watch, tomorrow you're gonna see this same blog only instead of his name here, my name is gonna be on it. He compares himself to Jesus. JESUS!!!!!! Cocky a*shole.

Rodger Goodell and David Stern- I think these guys are brothers. They basically have porn on there profile. Take a break from pleasuring yourselves and talk sports. Pervs.

Mikesteelnation- he thinks he is so smart. He loves to hear himself talk. He has to feed his huge, massive ego. Stop talking. You are the only one who cares what you say. Hey Mike, I hope you get attcked by a gang of brazilian banana spiders.

Matt Millen- He is soooooo priggish.

redsoxnation- I hate you with every inch of my body. Seriously, no one knows what the hell are you are talking about. And really, no one cares.

Coletrain- The biggest idiot on this site. No one compares to him. He cheats, he thinks he is funny when nothing he says is comical at all, and he has no life. He probably lives in his basement, in the dark, all alone. Crying himself to sleep because he has no friends and no good quality. He has no talent. Why is he on this site? He is incoherent and a waste of air. All he writes is complete pieces of sh* it he calls blogs. I call them cruel torture.



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