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The 11 people in sports I hate (or "mega-loathe" for all you Scrubs fans out there):

11.  Sidney Crosby - I prefer Ovechkin first of all and I hate the fact that people are calling him the "Next Gretzky."  Not going to happen.  Gretzky is my hockey hero (sounds dorky, but yes) so in my book, no one can replace him or Lemieux(sp).

10.  LeBron James - I don't like people that will be making $90 million before they graduate high school.  I also despise his title as the "Next Jordan," basically the same as Crosby.  People being crowned the "Next Jordan" or "Next Gretzky" just makes me mad, because just face it, we'll never again have those two again.

9.  Scott Boras - Mostly hate him because he took JD Drew away from Philly (actually a blessing) and that he can get $25 million a year for A-Rod.  I just hate his tactics and the fact that he is the agent for all the players entering free agency that the I want the Phillies to pick up.  Should put Drew Rosenhaus in here too.  I just hate agents.

8.  Ray Lewis - LOOK AT ME!  LOOK LOOK LOOK AT ME!  Whenever I see Ray, that is what is going through my head.  My personal opinion is that he should be in jail, not for obstruction of justice (well, yes he should be in for that) but for piling on a tackle 15 yards downfield after the player is already down and getting up and celebrating like he did it.  He's one the most pompous and arrogant players the NFL has ever seen.  And Ravens fans, I know most of you read that article in the Sports section on Saturday.  I did too, so don't give me any of that BS.

7.  Barry Bonds - Shouldn't have to explain this one...**********************

6.  Pat Burrell - Such a pain in the rear end for Phillies fan.  Mine, my father, my godfather, and my sister's godfather's archenemy (I'm allowed to have multiple archenemies).  He is horrible.  Just face it.  His .201 average or whatever it was totally reflected it.  Now he's hot and hopefully the Phillies will not be stupid and extend him.  Totally not worth whatever he's making.  Can't field, can't throw, horrible swing, etc.  Probably the second worst fielding leftfielder behind number seven.

5.  Jeffery Maier - One of my first sports memories is him making me cry.  And the one memory that has spurned me on in my Yankee hatred.  Umpires are so stupid.  Still don't think there should be instant replay in MLB, by the way.  Just cannot stand the memory of this kid.  First person in sports who made me cry.  I was four or five years old.

4.  John Elway - I respect the man, but I still hate him.  Second person in sports who made me cry after the Packers lost in Super Bowl XXXII.  Makes me so freaking mad.  I think he was a great quarterback and I have his jersey (actually it was my sisters), but I just hate him for beating the Packers.  And making me cry too.

3.  Ray Lewis - Need I say more?  I hate him so much...I can't believe I almost bought his jersey...I was such a naïve third grader.

2.  Ravens Fans - My personal bias, but most ignorant fans in football.  And I actually have a point.  SO READ THIS: Ravens fans get all in tizzy when they talk about how their Colts were taken from them and moved to Indianapolis, while their too stupid to realize they did the SAME FREAKING THING to the people of Cleveland.  Sure, Robert Isray is public enemy number one in Baltimore, but Art Modell is up their too in Cleveland.  And my gender was questioned by a security guard when I went to a game and the fans were horrible.  One second you hear "F--- you Boller!" and then like a minute later you hear "We love you Boller!"  So fickle.  Stick to your guns.  I do.  I could go on and on, but I should have another blog about my experiences at that game coming up soon.

1.  Terrell Owens - Double edged sword.  First, for what he did to Philadelphia.  I also hate Freddie Mitchell.  Trying to be TO.  What a poseur.  Anyway, I have TO's Eagles jersey.  I covered it in duct tape once he was deactivated.  I found it recently.  I'm going to put it away for a very, very long time.  And the second side of the sword is the fact that he was the third person in sports who made me cry after he made that catch in the 1998 Wild-Card game THAT SHOULDN'T HAVE EVER HAPPENED BECAUSE JERRY RICE FUMBLED THE FREAKING BALL to win it for San Francisco.  Ugh.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  He broke my six year old heart.  I thought my Pack could have gone all the way that year.  They should have.  Ugh.  Rematch with Elway to kick his sorry little rear end.  Anyway, I hate him.  Now a Cowboy.  What an idiot.  He doesn't belong anywhere.

So there you go.  My 11 most hated people associated with sports.  Ray Lewis should probably be number one, but he's on there twice to make up for it.  There are probably more I'm skipping.  I might have to do a part two on this eventually.  And yes, I wrote all the tags at the bottom.


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