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A Bears' fan who (sort of) promises to cut off his left leg if the Colts should win, and a Colts fan who says he has a horseshoe on his head and memories of the '58 championship game will represent their teams on Sunday when FanNation presents its first GameDay Super Bowl blog.

Blogging for the Bears will be the citizen known as Chicago Al, a dedicated member of FanNation since early November whose True Polemic blog posts have been keeping us entertained and informed and whose comments always keep the discussions going. And maybe even more important, he likes gyro meat on his burgers. The Nation's kind of guy. Congratulations Al. We think the Bears will be very well represented.

Facing the challenge for the Colts will be a newer member of FanNation, the fan known as Beowulf. "Beowulf," of course, is the Old English epic poem that celebrates a Sixth Century warrior from Scandinavia (really guys, this is the truth), who defeats the monster named Grendel. Take it to the Nation in the 21st Century and Jim Robertson is Beowulf and Chicago Al is Grendel. At least that's what our Beowulf hopes.

And you can and should be part of the fun on Sunday. While Al and Beowulf are blogging live for their teams, you can get in on it and comment on their posts, the game, the coverage, the commercials, the cheerleaders, whatever you want. Guaranteed you'll have some fun.

What follows are excerpts from the correspondence from our winning bloggers.
Chicago Al wrote:

Dear Judge 'n' Jury:

Thank you for presenting me with this challenge, which
serves as a wonderful reminder of the college
application process. At the time I was writing my
college application I recall that the greatest concern
included sounding smart and mature and worldly and all
the things that 16 year olds aren't.  Now I'm given
the unique opportunity to be the game-time blog-voice
during the Super Bowl for all Bears fans.  And I'm
torn.  While I know I can charm you into believing I
am a sane and appropriate Bears fan, I always wanted
to be the kid who sent a great letter despite the fact
it was exhibit A that I didn't have a snowball's
chance in Miami of being admitted (anywhere but an

My first promise: If the Bears are responsible* for
Peyton Manning's first Super Bowl victory-and thus
submitting me to hours of listening to him explain how
Marvin and he are N' Sync-I will amputate my left
leg-below the knee-and send it to Peyton for his
trophy case.  The guilt he should feel would bring
forth an epiphany; it's only a game. Once he reaches
that conclusion Peyton will retire and I will be at

As your selected Bears voice I promise to sing &
type-or maybe just copy & paste-the Bears fight song
after every Chicago score.  

Random thoughts: I have an impeccable driving record.
For two years I might or might not have served as the
understudy to a fully certified voodoo bellwether and
I can invoke the spirits of Mike Ditka, Chris Farley,
and GS Halas, among others.  My pet peeve, you might
ask?  People who don't pronounce the first "t" in
mustn't.   Also, I vow not to quote awful rap songs
sticking strictly to Cougar, the Boss, and Bob Seger.

Just so we are clear on what it is you're asking me to
do, I want to highlight the following sacrifices.  You
are asking me to blog against someone who most likely
has taped all of Peyton Manning's commercials and
probably recites them verbatim at parties.  You want
me to sit on my computer instead of entertaining
current topics of conversation with other Bears fans
that might otherwise be inappropriate.  You expect me
to sit still whilst my friends devour Italian Beef
sandwiches.  No smoke breaks, no getting too hammered
and running to throw up previously outlined Italian
Beef sandwiches, not to mention copious amounts of
Tecate. This is what you ask of your chosen Bears

As such, you're left with no choice.  I am your best
option to provide our Nation, FanNation, with
something entirely un-broadcast.  It all makes sense,
doesn't it?



*Please note that the use of "If the Bears are
responsible" was included intentionally; all arguments
for the Bears' culpability must be submitted to me via
my agent within three business days after the Super
Bowl. If it is determined by a panel of previously
selected and highly biased voters that the Bears are
not, in fact, responsible for a loss I will not be
required to remove my left leg.

Meanwhile, Beowulf, remarkably for someone who scored such a historic victory 1,600 years ago, was a bit more subtle but equally ardent:

Really have no qualifications except that I watched the 1958 Colts-Giants
game that, arguably, put the NFL on the map; suffered through the Colts'
1964 disaster against the Brownies; suffered (again) through the
excruciating loss to the Jets (blown in my opinion by the Colts' offensive
ineptitude under Earl Morrall, who Shula was wise enough to sit in a later
Super Bowl); and finally got to celebrate a winner in Super Bowl V against
the "Boys except that I was in the Army and out of the country so all I got
was the radio broadcast.

BTW I did set off a giant firecracker at the final
gun; thus, waking up everyone within earshot.

Best Regards,

Beowulf followed up with another note:

Let's go with the fact that HORSE MEAT WILL NOT BE EDIBLE THAT DAY!!! And I know for a fact that Bear meat is quite tasty; especially both before and/or after a fast.

Now, that sounds like Beowulf!


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