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11.Willie Parker. Parker had a great year last year with a total of 16 td. That was in a run happy offense. This year might be a down year for Parker with a hol dnew coaching staff that includes a new head coach, offensive lines coach, and offensive coodinator. The Steelers offense will need a couple of games for that offense to start producing. Parker is already complaining about a sore knee. That is not a good thing to here in the preseason already. Parker I think will not reach his numbers last season. He will be a solid end of the first early second round pick.




 12. Cedric Benson. This guy is primed for a breakout season. He had 647 yards and 6 td's splitting time with Jones last year. The Bears are a run first team and Benson will be getting all the carries for the Bears. Benson is strong, fast, and young and any short of a injury is the only thing that is going to slow him down. I really believe he has the ability to be a top 5 back. He is worth a late first round early second pick. This guy may just be the Stephen Jackson of this fantasy season.



13. Reggie Bush. I usually don't like to rank split carry backs high. But Bush is just to valuable to pass up. He will go high in the draft and if you get points for repections then he will go even higher. Every time this guy touches the ball he could take it to the endzone. The Saints are a high powered offense and Bush is a huge weapon. Bush had 9 total td last year. Both he and Mcallister could have even better season this year.



14. Thomas Jones. Thomas Jones has been a productive fantasy back with the Bears. Now he is the main back in the Jets system. THe Jets have a great young line and the Jets will grid it out on the ground alot this year. Jones has a huge chip on his shoulder and is out to prove he can carry the whole load this season. Jones is a good option out of the back field also. Pennington will find him alot out of the backfield with the Jets short passing attack. Thomas Jones will have a good fantasy year producting better numbers then he did last season splitting the carries with Benson.


15.Willis McGahee. Now Willis did not have a good fantasy season with the Bills. Now with the Ravens McGahee is going to be looking to have a breakout season. Willis once was considered a sure thing first round pick. His stock looks a little better with the Ravens as there line is very solid. McGahee will not share carries and he will be the Ravens offense this year. I look for him to get at least 25 to 30 carries a game with the Ravens. He could have a huge season in Baltimore. I expect him at the end of the year to established himself as a top 10 back.


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