It's 888 Miles to Chicago...

I sit here in the friendly confines of my Parents house in Chicago.  Basking in the warmth that is family, before I head to Miami for a whole other kind of heat.  The weather here in Chicago?  A crisp 20 degrees...though they are promising highs of 14 tomorrow!  I feel kind of bad for leaving my wife and child here while I head to Miami and 80 degree tempratures....but such is the Super Bowl adventure.  No room for those who wouldn't truly love the trip...

As for the trip, I head out in the late morning...6am!  Whoever booked a 6am flight for me is an arse...oh wait, that was Krish.  Well, at least he had the decency to request a children's meal for me...I love me some fruit roll ups!  I'll arrive in Florida just before 10am...not a bad way to start the day.

Part of my plan for tomorrow is to write up my full prediciton for the, you'll never guess who I'm picking to win...seriously, you'll never guess...okay, yeah you will.  But I'm becoming more and more convinced of my pick each day.  Even if Arthur has to start making up curses, and freaking me out with "what ifs..."  Damn it man, I'm just barely staying in my skin right now.

As I've already stated, this is the trip of a lifetime.  But here are some of the worries that have gone through my mind as I begin this trip to Mecca...

1. The Bears get ripped to shreds.  I'm prepared for all outcomes of this game, and I've decided that I'm fine with all of them...except for the Bears just coming out and laying a turd on the field.  That would just be the biggest downer of all time.

2. My pasty white arse gets a TERRIBLE sun burn.  Listen, I live in Seattle, we have sun for 4 months of the skin isn't used to hot sun...and now I'm going to a place that is sunny as all hell, and I'm going to be drinking outside a, this could get ugly.

3. My hotel room gets broken into and my laptop gets jacked.  Don't know why this keeps running through my head, but I just have this terrible thought...coming back to a room with the door kicked in...and looking around and freaking out that my laptop is gone, but then being relieved that my Payton jersey is still in the closet.

4. Having too good a time at the SI Super Bikini Party.  Let's just say, there are going to be lots of beautiful women around, and I'll be drinking...and my only "backup" is Krish...which is like having Homer Simpson play the role of Jiminy Cricket.  But then my wife countered with, "Josh, the chance a swimsuit model is going to throw herself at you is ridiculously small."  So you're saying there's a chance....

5. Drinking too much at the Tailgate party, and forgetting to go into the me, I've done stupider things.

6. Getting to the Gates, and having the Security guard tell me "Um, these tickets are fake...the "Sooper Bowl" didn't give it away to you?"  Hey, in my mind, anything is possible.

7. Either Krish or I saying something so rude/stupid at one of the parties we're at that either a psuedo-celeb makes it their personal vendetta to bring us down, or our lives get threated by a wanna-be gangster.  Trust me, this is TOTALLY possible.  We're talking about me (you've read all the horse crap I write) and Krish...who once "complimented" my wife's Ice Cream desert by saying "This tastes like Sausage."  Yeah, we're getting our butts kicked.

8. Getting pulled over on the drive from Orlando to Miami...and getting a cop who wants to make a point with 2 northern boys.  Yeah, we're flying into Orlando, and then driving the 3 hours to Miami...huge money saver...but the chance for police intervention in this trip goes up significantly.

9. Getting busted at the airport for trying to transport "too much" Super Bowl memorabilia back home.  I'm going to try to keep my take to a legal amount...but come on, how many times do you get to do this?

10. Being so hung over and giddy with glee after the Bears win that we miss our flight out of Miami, and get stuck there for another day...wait...that's not a bad thing....

Tune in tomorrow when I lay the smack down with my views on the game, plus my first insight into the magical world that is Florida in the Winter.

The Journey continues...


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