It's 888 Miles to Chicago...

Well, we're officially in Florida...only 3 hours away from Miami...

We've made a pit stop of sorts in Orlando...the airfare was half the price of flying into this way we get a roadtrip as part of the trip...which any guy will tell you is essential to a good guy bonding experience.  So far the trip is about what I's what we've seen so far...

Okay, flying anywhere at 6am sucks.  Yes, going to the Super Bowl makes it easier, but still, having to get up at 3:30am...yeah, that's just not human.

O'hare was filled with Orange and Blue...and even at 4:30am several loud shouts of "Da Bears!" could be heard throughout the terminal.  Talked with several fans, and heard lots of great stories of people just saying "I made a promise that if they ever went again, I would go"...and also all the offers they turned down to sell the tickets.  One guy got offered $3k in cash as he walked up to get his tickets at Soldier field.  Not a very high offer, but still, one that makes you pause.

Also found out that several fans were flying into just about anywhere to get here...Tampa, Orlando, etc...there were a couple other Bears fans on my flight...and saw several around the airport...seen lots of Bears fans around...but have seen only 2 Colts fans since we got here.  I'll hold judgments until we hit Miami, but I think the Bears are traveling a lot better than the Colts.

So after arriving, we hit the first "misadventure"...either Meridian Palms Hotel is the hardest place to find on the face of the earth...or Krish and I are complete morons.  I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle...but let's just say we toured most of the area around Disney World about 10 times before we finally found the hotel.

We gave up after awhile, and just headed into the park...a few things...

Disney World is pretty cool, but man the area around the park...TOURIST TRAP central.  It's just amazing how ugly the area around the park is...but then, I don't think anyone comes to Orlando to hang out outside the park.

Checked out a couple's sign number 18 that your band has completely sold have a ride named after the band, complete with a terrible intro video that my daughter could of made more entertaining...and yes, I'm talking about you Aerosmith.

After we checked out the park, we set out to find the Hotel, did I mention I think this hotel is in the Bermuda triangle?  Yeah, it took us another 30 minutes and 3 more calls before we finally found the hotel.

Wait, there was a reason I came down here...ah yes, there's this football game...

Everyone knows who I'm picking for the game...if you don't, well, let's just say, you're an idiot.  I see a Bears win in this one...and it's more than just my heart's desire, my head has made a damn good case as well...and yes, my loyalties might be leading me astray, but it's all I I'm going with it...

Here's why I think Krish and I will see a Bears victory...

The Bears physical O-Line vs the undersized Colts DL.  The Colts still have not been challenged in the run game.  Not a single opponent has committed to the run game...but the Bears have 2 terrific backs and a OL that can just grate the me, you'll see the Colts lineman getting shoved way off the ball.

The Grossman thing is over blown...he's not going to be the reason they lose or win, he hasn't been all year.  In 85, McMahon threw for 15 TDs and 11 INTs in only 13 games...very similar numbers to Rex...the Punky QB's rating that year?  82.5.  Rex? 79.5...not all that different my friends...the truth is, the Bears have never won because of their QB.

Never, ever underestimate the importance of Special Teams...there are 3 main components to a Football game, Defense, Offense and Special Teams...and the Bears are AWESOME at special teams.  Even if you remove Devin Hester from the equation, the Bears have the superior special teams unit.  Yes, the Colts have Vinateri, but Gould hasn't had problems hitting FGs at all this year, even in big pressure situations.  But the Bears coverage teams are the best in the NFL...they just destroy their opponents...and they cause a lot of turnovers in that department as well.   Then add into that the HR threat of Hester...and the Colts TERRIBLE coverage unit...Special Teams will play a huge part in this game.

The Bears Defense does one thing better than just about any other team in the league...create turnovers.  They fly to the ball, they rip when they tackle, and everyone looks for the Turnover at all times.  They will get their share of turnovers on Sunday...and I have a feeling at least one of them will be turned directly into points.

For all the talk of the "high powered" Colts the last 11 games, they have only scored more than 3 TDs twice, and both those games were at home.  And 5 out of those 11 games, the Colts couldn't make it to 20 points.  Sorry, but that doesn't sound like a very high powered offense...oh yeah, and guess who scored EXACTLY as many points as the Colts?  Yeah, you guessed it, the Bears.

The next reason isn't a "on the field" reason, but I think it's very valid...

Everyone has already crowned the Colts arses.  9 out of 10 articles I've read or seen, have talked about how this is the Colts crowning moment, and that the Bears have no chance.  Well, I don't want to go all Denny Green on ya, but I wouldn't crown their arses just yet.  Even if the players aren't buying into it, this kind of stuff still seeps into both sides me, this will play out on Sunday.

So all in all, I'm looking forward to a hell of a time, and a Bears victory.  Okay, gotta to get back to drinking, and talking to the "fart machine" that is my wingman.

Wait, there's still more to this journey...


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