I am a Woman and I love SportsCenter

WHY, gentle readers, is my love of sports such a damn issue?!?

Let me explain.

Every time I sit down to watch SportsCenter I get attitude. Unless it's baseball season, because then at least my son will shut up long enough to watch the Cubs' highlights.

I'm a sports fan. A huge sports fan. I'd rather watch SportsCenter than the regular news. Half the time I don't know what the weather is going to be because they don't do a weather report on SportsCenter.

My mother actually said that I was "abnormal" because I know what time SportsCenter is on. Oh, really?? I'm abnormal.

You are right, Ma. The Worldwide Leader supports three networks based on my viewership alone.

Abnormal my ****.

What is abnormal is that I am a woman and am such a big sports fan. It's 2007...get over it, people. When I talk sports, I know what I am talking about. I have a subscription to SI. And that doesn't make me a butch, or unstable, or abnormal.

It makes me a sports fan.

Just remember that when you claim that my fantasy football draft is based on the tight end's tight ****. Who won the league last year? Oh, that's right...I did.

And for those of you in my league...sorry, but I plan on winning it again this year.

So what got me started on this particular rant? Well, my family, complaining about me watching SportsCenter for the millionth time. Not wanting to hear it, I retreated to my room to watch SportsCenter and do a little net surfing. How excited was I to find a little column on another sports-themed site (which shall remain nameless but claims to be "The Worldwide Leader") entitled "Sports Gal"? Oh my god, I thought, The Worldwide Leader ROCKS!!

I was sorely disappointed.

Turns out that the Sports Gal's is married to the Sports Guy, (who writes a 'real' column for The Worldwide Leader). The Sports Gal column was born from an experiment. The Sports Guy wondered if there was "any rhyme or reason to picking football games" and wanted to know if he "could pick football games better than someone who didn't know anything". So he recruited his wife to participate in this experiment for the 2006 NFL Season. She agreed, but with the caveat that she would get some space in his column every week to rant about any subject she chose.

The stuff that she chose to rant about, dear readers, is why people think that I am abnormal because I like sports.

It was kind of like coming onto the scene of a bad accident. You don't want to look, but you really are compelled to do so. I read all of her rants and just wanted to cry. Talk about perpetuating a stereotype. Here is a sampling of some of her rants:

  • Skin Care Commercials
  • The Paparazzi
  • Baby Weight
  • US Weekly
  • Fashion
  • "Lost" on ABC
  • Fantasy Baseball (or, as Sports Gal puts it, "The League of Dorks")
  • "The Bachelor" on ABC
  • "The Devil Wears Prada"
  • Halloween costumes
  • The Sports Gal's favorite food at Clippers games (which had my favorite line..."Please don't think I'm a fat pig, because I'm not." Because obviously any woman who likes food must be a fat pig.)
  • Celebrity Breakups
  • Asking men for fashion advice (like..."How do I look in this outfit?")
  • Bad Christmas gifts
  • Traffic in L.A.
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Football on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • Britney Spears

Oh. My. God.

Now, to be fair, Sports Guy gave a good disclaimer at the start of this experiment claiming that Sports Gal HATED football. And her rants, while not REMOTELY sports related, were well written and humorous (as were, by the way, Sports Guy's musings).

But this is The Worldwide Leader's website. If I want to talk/blog/read about Hollywood, fashion, or traffic in LA, there are no shortage of other sites on the Internet to discuss those topics.

So here's a novel idea...how about a column written by a woman that actually talks about sports?? You know, a real Sports Gal. Someone who doesn't hate football, someone who can hold an intelligent conversation about the designated hitter rule, someone who appreciates a good hard hit against the glass. Someone, dear readers, like me.


Well, since neither The Worldwide Leader nor SI.com is banging down my door with such an idea, I'm hiring myself. In the blogsphere, such a column can exist. I will try to stay true to that idea and write an intelligent, witty, sports-themed blog.

Some of these first few posts are recycled from my "main" blog (which is more general in nature but leans heavily toward sports), but going forward, they will be more timely.

And probably shorter, too.



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