I am a Woman and I love SportsCenter

I got sucked in to the madness that is the NFL draft.

Yeah, yeah, I said I wasn't interested. Well, I was wrong. The drama that is now surrounding Brady Quinn has got me chained to the TV and ESPN. Quinn's my NCAA boy...heading the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. I like him. And I feel horrible for him.

Forget the fact that it's nice and 80 degrees outside.

Forget the fact that they are only on the 10th pick of the first round...there are 21 more picks to go before Chicago gets their first pick. I'm not moving from this TV until I know where Brady is playing pro ball.

I was hooked when the Cleveland Browns didn't take Quinn at the third pick. I was convinced (convinced, I say!) that the Browns were going to take him. Quinn publicly said that Cleveland was where he wanted to play. He grew up in the Cleveland suburbs. Quinn played for ND in the lousy soup of midwestern late-fall-early-winter weather...the wind off of Lake Erie really wouldn't have been a problem for him.

Now, the draft is like the most intense round of playground picking (I'll take him...). It's a really cool, intense, anxious, edge-of-your-seat feeling as Roger Goddell walks up to the podium to announce the pick. And he drags it out...

"With the third pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns pick..."

"Tackle Joe Thomas from Wisconsin."


Even the guys on ESPN were shocked. I bet Joe Thomas was shocked. He didn't even bother to go to New York for the draft...he's on a boat somewhere in Wisconsin fishing with his dad.

Okay...so the next logical choice would be Minnesota. Four picks down. One hour later...

"With the seventh pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings pick Adrian Peterson, Running Back from Oklahoma."

Oh my god, I am going to puke.

The next logical choice would be Miami. Two picks down. Thirty minutes away. Quinn has worked with their new QB coach, worked out for Cam Cameron, and lord knows they need a franchise QB.

"With the ninth pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins pick Ted Ginn, Jr., Wide Receiver from the Ohio State University."

I still feel like I am going to puke. Quinn looks like he is going to puke. His girlfriend looks like she is going to pass out. The ESPN guys are literally foaming at the mouth. Mel Kiper's hair is about to jump off of his skull, Steve Young is spitting as he talks he is so worked up, and Boomer is absolutely crimson. Mel Kiper actually said that the Miami organization just blew their next decade.

Now who is going to take him? The next five picks are San Francisco, Buffalo, St. Louis, Carolina, Pittsburgh. None of them need quarterbacks. Alex Smith, JP Losman, Marc Bulger, Jake DelHomme, and Ben Roethlisberger are all franchise QB's. This means that the highest Quinn will go is 16 to Green Bay...and that's not going to happen. They just picked up their next franchise QB in last year's draft.

So Quinn is going to go at minimum 17th.


Let me tell you how significant this is: Roger Goddell, the commissioner of the NFL, has removed Quinn and his entourage from the green room, away from press access.

See, the boys in the green room are specially invited by the NFL, and they don't usually invite guys who they expect to go below 10th overall.


Well, the only thing that gives me a little hope is...maybe Chicago will get Quinn.




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