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So, I was simulating the Super Bowl on Madden '07 for Xbox 360 today, and I'd like to give you a little rundown of the happenings. I believe this will be the exact outcome of the game tonight. Check it out.

First of all, I'd like to point out that Madden '07 on the 360 is the worst Madden game ever made. It is missing so many things that Madden gamers come to expect, such as alternate uniforms, a fantasy draft option, and some other minor issues. The gameplay is usually too slow and it runs at about 20 frames per second, whereas my personal favorite Madden '05 for PS2 runs about 55 fps, which makes for extremely fluid and fun gameplay. Anyway, this is not a video game review, but I am so disappointed with 07 that I had to spread the gospel. I must say however that this game actually simulated the Super Bowl extremely realistically. Well, you'll see what happens:

At the start of the game, the Bears won the toss, electing to receive. Hester brings it back 27 yards. 3 and out.

On the Colts 1st possession, they score a 43 yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri. 3-0 Colts.

Grossman throws an interception to Bob Sanders. Manning hits Harrison for a 51 yard TD. 10-0 Colts.

Devin Hester returns the ensuing kickoff for a TD. 10-7 Colts.

The next Colts drive culminates in a fumble by Dom Rhodes.

Grossman leads the Bears downfield and Thomas Jones gets into the end zone. 14-10 Bears.

End of 1st Quarter. 

Vinatieri kicks a 27 yard field goal. 14-13 Bears.

Grossman sacked and fumbles (Dwight Freeney).

Manning completes a 33 yard pass to Dallas Clark. Joe Addai pounds in a 1 yard TD. 20-14 Colts

Robbie Gould has a 49 yard field goal to end the half. He misses.  


The Colts fumble the kickoff return, the Bears recover at the 6.

Mushin Muhammed scores a 6-yard touchdown. 21-20 Bears.

Manning is sacked and fumbles. Nathan Vasher recovers and returns for a TD. 28-20 Bears.

Manning hits Reggie Wayne for a 63 yard TD. 28-27 Bears.

Grossman connects on a 40 yard pass over the middle to Desmond Clark. Grossman then throws an interception to Cato June.

Addai breaks off a 51 yard run. Manning connects with Marvin Harrison for a 21 yard TD. 34-28 Colts.

End of the Third Quarter

Screen pass from Grossman to Jones results in a 24 yard gain, setting up a field goal.

Gould hits from 33 yards. 34-31 Colts.

Addai is stuffed on 3rd and 1, forcing the Colts to punt to Hester.

Hester returns the kick 36 yards.

Thomas Jones on the draw play runs for a 34 yard TD. 38-34 Bears.

Manning throws an interception to Brian Urlacher. 3 minutes left.

Broken play, Grossman is sacked by Dwight Freeney and fumbles. Bob Sanders recovers.

Manning completes a 21 yard pass to Aaron Moorhead, then 17 yards to Brian Fletcher.

Dallas Clark makes a catch over the middle for 11 yards.

Addai runs the ball 10 yards to the 1 yard line. Reggie Wayne TD on a WR fade. 41-38 Colts.

Kick goes out of bounds.

Grossman connects on a 31 yard pass to Bernard Berrian to set the Bears up for a 52 yard field goal with 7 seconds left.

Gould comes up 1 yard short, Colts win 41-38.


MVP: Peyton Manning 31-45, 383 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT. 

Notables: Marvin Harrison 6 catches, 138 yards, 2 TD

              Reggie Wayne 11 catches 164 yards, 2 TD

              Joe Addai        22 carries 89 yards,  1 TD

              Thomas Jones 20 carries 118 yards, 2 TD

              Rex Grossman 18-30, 276 yards,  1 TD, 2 INT, 2 FUM


High Drama at it's finest. Usually Madden games tend to simulate a bunch of failed drives, but this one was all about big plays. Not bad, we'll see what happens!!!! Have a great time watching. 



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