It's 888 Miles to Chicago...
First, let me get a few things out of the way...

Congrats Colts, I have been ranking on this team all year, and they made the plays to win the game, and for that they are champs.  Congrats, from all the Colts fans I ran into here, you all seem to be a great bunch of fans, and I'm happy for you.

Next, sorry that my posts fell off...had some computer problems and some drinking problems...don't worry though, I'll update you all with the full story tomorrow.  Trust me, there's a lot I want to say about the whole Super Bowl much so, that I'll probably have 3-4 posts this week covering this stuff in more depth.  It's hard to post regularly when you don't have easy access to the laptop...was bummed that I couldn't update things more often...but this was my first try at blogging/writing about an event like this...and it was a true learning experience.

Finally, before we get to the game, let me just say, if you are a football fan, find a way to get to a Super Bowl.  I'll fill you in more in the next few days, but trust me, this is an experience that every real fan should go through...and even if your team isn't going to sniff the big game any time soon, find a way to get out to me.

Now the, what a nutty game.  The place was just packed with Bears fans, and we were all ready to erupt at Krish will verify, I called the Hester TD...what a great start.  But I knew we were in trouble early on...

We get the big TD, then the Pick...but then we can't do anything with the pick, and the Colts score.  That right there, was the game.  I know it's going to sound lame, but right after that happened, I started to get scared.  After the Hester TD, and the Pick, the Bears had the foot on the throat...if they score, even just a FG, this is a totally different game.  But once they blew that, I knew it was going to be a dog fight.

The game was right there for the Bears to win...several times...but the Offense just couldn't bring anything to the table.  Just nothing.  Rex was, well, Rex was not good.  The fumbles, the Picks...but even worse, just the stupid decisions.  There were several plays where he just seemed to have a massive brain fart...his brain farts scare me more than the picks or fumbles.  Right now, I don't see anyway for Rex to develop into the type of QB the Bears really need, but I'll reserve that final decision till some time has right now I'm a little bitter.

The Rain was nutty, just drenching.  We were under cover, but the rest of the stadium was just drenched.  I talked to a Colts fan that got so wet, that his digital camera was ruined.  All the photos he had taken of the game were lost...but he did say, "but I'll never forget this game."

My observation from earlier held, there were A LOT more Bears fans than Colts fans out there.  It was like 10-1.  But, as was the case all year, there was this strange aura amongst them all...we were al very confident going in...shouts of "Bears" could be heard all over the city, and Bears fans would enthusiastically greet each other as they passed on the street...where as the Colts fan seemed to be very reserved, and quiet.  But after the first Bears turnover, the energy seemed to shift in the Bears fans...everyone just seemed to be waiting for the worst.  The cheers quieted down...and everyone seemed to be in a lull.  It's been a weird vive with this team all year...and it played out in the biggest game.

The opening kickoff though, will go down as one of my favorite sports memories...everyone in the building was screaming...and even Colts fans were excited in a weird, morbid, way...and the place just erupted.  It was a moment that made the whole game worth it.  Just a fantastic sports moment, and the high point of the game for all Bears fans.

I'm definitely bummed out about the outcome, just real let down...but you know what?  What a great ride.  The Bears have been a magical team all season, and I've loved every moment of it.  And even though they fell short, and played a horrendous offensive game, I feel totally honored that I was able to see these guys in a Super Bowl.  And hey, there's always next year right?

Ah hell, the White Sox start playing soon...

Look for additional Super Bowl related posts...I have the following planned:

Full blow by blow coverage of the whole trip in Miami...lots of great stories, and fun times.

Supporting your team at a big game, the dos and don'ts...believe me, saw them all.

Advice for those people wanting to goto a Super Bowl, just some things we learned.


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