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NFL 2009 Rookie of the Year Candidates  

1. Percy "No Mercy" Harvin, KR / WR Minnesota: It's no secret! Millions of Florida and SEC fans have been affected... Viking fans have caught it... And now NFL Fan Nation knows... No, it's not the H1N1 flu virus, but a quick, explosive kick returner and receiver from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

 Percy "No Mercy" scores touchdowns; including two on kickoffs, as well as an electrifying run for 101 yards.
 One scout quoted on Percy's ability, "He [Percy] is as quick as word of Tiger Woods infidelity, as fast as a cornered alligator and elusive as a Detroit Lion playoff game!"

2. William Clay Matthews, III, LB Green Bay: The third, you ask? Yep. When Clay logged onto for his "Free" ancestry report to find out about his family history; it was easy:

William Clay Matthews, III. Nicknamed "China" born May 14, 1986 in Northridge, CA. from a long line of ceramics.

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"I'm from a long line of ceramics?" Clay asked. "Huh?"

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"What do ceramics have to do with football?"

About You: William Clay Matthews, III

Bloodlines: Football
Future Occupation: Football Player
Zodiac Sign: Linebacker
Favorite Food: Pig Skins
Favorite Possession: A Sack
Elementary Accomplishment: Safety 

Grandfather, William Clay Matthews, Sr. played four years in the NFL. Clay's father, William Clay "Porcelain" Matthews, Jr., a linebacker, was a four time Pro Bowler and his uncle, Bruce "Stoneware" Matthews, a lineman, was a 14-time Pro-Bowler and 1rst ballot Hall-of Fame inductee.

Clay Matthews III, in your future, you will be formed and molded by coaches to become bigger than... China.  

3."See" Knowshon, "Hear" Knowshon, and "Speak" Knowshon Moreno. That's exactly what Denver Head coach Josh McDaniels and GM Brian Xanders said when they saw Georgia running back, Knowshon Moreno. Remember the Nike commercial, "Bo Knows Football?" Well Knowshon knows football and knows how to get the ball in the end zone. Currently in the top twelve in yards rushing, Knowshon has the knowledge, ability and knowhow to be the 2009 ROY.

4. Brian "More Pushing" Cushing, LB Houston Texans: A fierce competitor and leader, Brian has been honored as the AFC Defensive Player of the Week twice and AFC Defensive Player of the Month (November). He leads the Texans in tackles, fumbles and interceptions and is ranked fifth in the league in total tackles.

 Texans' linebacker coach, Johnny Holland, who scouted him as a linebacker at USC said, "Brian is as versatile a linebacker we have seen. He works well in space, as well as the trenches. He has outstanding cover ability and a strong push up the middle."

 In a collegiate game against Missouri at Busch Stadium, Brian had four sacks, three tackles for loss and five quarterback hurries. The following day's sports headline read, "Cush Pushes Tigers at Busch!"

5. Darius "Mighty Duck" Byrd, S Buffalo Bills: Not your ordinary bird, err duck; Darius is an elite safety who migrated from Missouri to Oregon and now builds his nest in Buffalo. Just how good is this Byrd?

 He is tied for the league lead in interceptions.

 One AFC coach called "Waterfowl!" after Darius picked them off twice. And called him a "lucky duck," after an amazing five game stretch in which he had eight interceptions, including a NFL record three straight games with two picks.

 Bills defensive backs coach, George Catavolos said, "Byrd does everything right. He is the ultimate bird, err Bill. He understands defense. Byrd watches. Byrd waits, and Byrd swoops in for the interception... Because everyone knows... The early Byrd gets the worm, err interception."

6. Michael "Iron" Oher, OT Baltimore Ravens: We all know the heartfelt story of the critically acclaimed movie, Blindside: A poor, impoverished homeless child born to a crack addicted mother and an estranged father, who grows into an oversized athletically gifted football player and is recruited by a major college program where he is groomed into an athletically and academically successful NFL prospect.

Baltimore Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh who scouted Michael from the University of Mississippi, said, "I knew about the movie, his accolades and awards; Outland and Lombardi Trophy finalist and the possibility that he could win an Academy or a Golden Globe award, but the biggest award, is the award that he gave us; the ability to survive, to persevere and to pursue your dreams.  Besides being a warm, kind, intelligent human being, he is one hell of an left tackle. He is our rock, our "Iron" Oher."  

7. Mark "Dirty GQ" Sanchez, QB NY Jets: I know what you're thinking, but it's not what you think! Sanchez was nicknamed "Dirty" by Suzy Kolber when he took out the knees of New Orleans Saints' linebacker, Jonathan Vilma on a Darren Sharper 99 yard interception.

New Yorker's haven't been this excited about a quarterback since 1968 when playboy, sex symbol "Broadway" Joe Namath created such fervor when he guaranteed victory in Super Bowl III.

 In 1974, Namath donned pantyhose for a Beautymist commercial and 35 years later, Sanchez posed for GQ magazine. But I'm afraid the comparison ends there. The fifth overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft from USC, Mark has thrown 50% more interceptions than touchdowns and led the AFC Jets to a mediocre record.  

8. Brian "Osack-mo" Orakpo, DE Washington Redskins: A top ten pass rusher with 11 sacks his rookie year; Brian became the first rookie Redskin to be named to the Pro Bowl since 1978.

 A 2008 first team All-American, Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, Lombardi, Ted Hendricks and Bronco Nagurski awards winner, Brian has racked up more honors in one year, than most players win in a lifetime.

A tremendous pass rusher and sack specialist from the University of Texas, Brian hails from a long line of "Irish" defensive stalwarts: His father, "O'tacklepo", was a superior linebacker, his uncle "O'pickpo", was a tremendous cornerback and his cousin, "O'sackpo," was a talented lineman. What's his chances of becoming Defensive POY? Maybe with a little luck of the Irish?

My choice? Offense ROY: Percy Harvin. Defense ROY: Brian Cushing

What's yours?

Copyright Steve Kay 2009





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