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Good game for our Raiders. We got to see our defense start out the year against a nice offense, we got to see our offense start out on a high note against a not so hot defense, and we got to see some of our rookies, and new additions shine, along with some Raiders veterans that didn't shine so much last year.

I'll start out with rookies.

Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR

I like this guy alot. He is a young, fast, and very athletic WR out of UTEP, who wasn't regarded as much of a player before the draft. Picking him up made a nice addition to WR, a position we haven't had much luck with recently. Higgins brought in 2 passes for 59 yards, one being a 50 yard bomb from Culpepper. Higgins also returned a kick for 21 yards and a punt for 11.

Now for our new additions.

Dominic Rhodes, RB

Rhodes, though suspended for 4 games, could be a big factor in our offense this season. He rushed for a touchdown and 21 yards on 8 carries. Even though that isn't really high, he did perform well. Rhodes also caught a pass for 10 yards.

Daunte Culpepper, QB

Cuplepper had the most yards last nigh, but also the most fumbles, incompletions, and wild throws. He can do better, everyone can have a bad game. He entered to a standing ovation and then fumbled the snap for a turnover. The next drive he fumbled again, but retained posession. After that, his nerves settled and he did okay.

Josh McCown, QB

McCown threw well against the Cardinals, even with haveing the least amount of attempts of our 3 QBs. He threw for 42 yards on 5 completions with 9 attempts. He was impressive, but the best was one that wasn't to be expected.

Mike Willaims, WR

Williams washed out with the Lions, and came to us in a trade, as did McCown. He caught a touchdown vs. the Cardinals, which bodes well for his career, preseason or not. He also recieved another ball, totaling for 2 receptions for 17 yards.

Now for our returning veterans.

Andrew Walter, QB

Walter, as you know, did terrible last season. 3 TD's and 13 INT's isn't the perfered ration, but what can you do? Against the Cardinals, though, Walter threw for the best completion %, the only passing TD, and 50 yards on 11 attempts with 8 completions.

Adimchinobe Echemandu, RB

I actually spelled his anme correctly without looking. I'm just going to call him Obe, though. Obe rushed for 75 yards in the game, on only 17 attempts. He did play last year, but wasn't what you would call a bright spot. He was unexpectedly good in training camp, and did very well against the Cardinals. Hopefully he can do this all next year, or at least until we get Michael Bush into the fire.

That was all the bright spots last night. A game in which our defense didn't have to score all the points for us, a game in which I hope our offense can preform like this coming year. I hope to see improvement in Obe and Walter, but that remains to be seen.

Until next time,

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