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Here's an idea for a TV channel specializing in all music videos all the time.  Wait that's suppossed to be (MTV )or Music Television!  Whatever happened to the music? Let me take you back a couple of decades in time.  In the 80's there was a music channel that any time of the day there was a music video playing and all the way through including beginning credits( Group name, Song Title and album name) and they would let it play all the way thru the ending credits (see previous explanation).  This generation has been cheated!!!  the only videos they show on mTV is "My Super Sweet Sixteen" what the hell is that about!  how about videos on the top 20 countdown or TRL?  The only time of the day when they actually play music videos is when everyone is away at work or school!!  The next idea I got from a call from Vic from No. Cal. in a call to (Jim Rome) on Friday of this past week.  Only I promise I wont sing the lyrics to old seventies songs, ha ha that's an inside thing, where you had to be there listening.  I rather see (Daisy Fuentes) doing the top 20 countdown than a little too young smart pretty boy!  Give me back my Headbangersball,instead I get "The Real World" what a trade off,right?  The reason I bring up MTV? Well the point is this anyone under the age of 25 has been cheated by big corporate entities such as MTV or ESPN?  ESPN, yes that's what I said,big fricking ESPN!!!  What in the world are they doing showing POKER,Competitive Eating,Spelling Bees?  You gotta be fricking kidding me right?  Since when does having good poker faces qualify you as an athlete or card games as a sport?  Heres an idea ESPN Why don't you put all sports all the time on your programming or is that too difficult to comprehend?  If you need help figuring out what a sport is let me and the rest of us know and we'll be glad to tell you what a sport is and is NOT!!!  A SPORT is any activity where there's a ball (Football),(basketball) or (baseball) etc... or an object (Hockey) puck and the object of the sport is to take that ball or object and put it on or across or through a goal such as a net or a line or lines on a field, a rink, or court!  Finally a (SPORT) has to have some levels of difficulty, including opponents that will try to stop you from scoring and will try to score themselves!  Is that too complicated for you guys doing the "sports programming" at ESPN?  If you like I would gladly trade my Weekly salary for one of yours to be a sport consultant and guide you in the right path toward and actual (SPORTS STATION)!!!


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