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One of the greatest hitters of alltime is forgotten and only known as one of the players out for life in the sad ending of an incredible baseball team in 1919.

Joe was a southern guy who was treated so bad at the start he almost quit baseball.  Many times he was made fun of and called stupid; including his team Detroit; made fun of his lack of education.  Katie his wife encouraged him and her support helped him until he was traded to Cleveland.  There he battled against many teams and great hitters; like Ty Cobb.  He was considered one of the best hitters and his arm and field play was feared for years.

Joe won the WS in 1917 with his new team; Chicago.  The owner who bragged of big salaries but paid little; sent a case of cheap whiskey instead of their bonus pay for winning the WS.  There was a group of men who wanted to throw the WS in 1919 to make money and get back at the owner of the team.  Joe led the team in hitting and made no erors in the WS but they feel short as some players threw games and dropped balls.  Trying to fit in and not being able to read and write; Joe was told to sign a mark; not knowing this was a death sentence to his career.

The court found many innocent; including Joe; but the commish wanting to make a statement; banished all for life.  Joe played in a semi pro team for a few years and when he died in the late 40's; still declared he was innocent and his lack of education cost him his life.  Many who were banished openly said Joe was innocent but baseball owners and the commish turned their heads and refused to listen forever.

Know we have a home run king who used drugs and even a pitcher in the hall; G Perry; who said he used drugs.  We give many chances and though we all know many big hitters cheat; we still cheer and love the game.

Athletes make milions of dollars and many seem to throw it all away for immature and stupid decisions.  Education may not mean millions in one shot but it may mean a life of maturity and better decisions.  Ask one of the greatest players who ever played if education was needed; Shoeless Joe Jackson.  

Joe Jackson not only was exposed for not having any education; he could not read or write; but  every year we see the players go into the HOF; we cheat a great player and each year he is a little forgotten.  Only the true fans have read and heard of the southern arm that threw balls over 400 feet and hit "blue darts" that knocked off gloves. 

Maybe one day we will look at heroes like Joe and make things right.  I can tell you players like Joe are needed today; players who played because they loved the game and it was that passion that made baseball "Americas game".

Pete Rose as a player did everything right but as a manager made mistakes that cost him from the HOF as a player.

Your thoughts on players that were cheated from the HOF?







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