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As I've said many times, I'm no fan of Pacman Jones. I think he's arrogant and self-obsessed and it would be nice to see him brought down a peg or ten. But the extent to which the NFL and the Tennessee Titans have gone to prevent his wrestling for TNA borders on racism. I know I always say quit playing the race card, but in this particular case it is easy to see where racism is evident.

Whatever he's done (or alleged to have done) Pacman Jones is entitled (there's another word I don't like to say but is appropriate here) to earn a living this year. If he is suspended without pay, then the rest of the stipulations in his contract are nullified for that same length of time. Any restrictions on activities that the NFL or Titans might consider hazardous are uncalled for and must be pursued in court. Again, no one is saying Pacman should play this year. I personally don't care if he ever plays again. But like any American, he has the right to make money, and to do whatever is necessary to support his family. If he can make a better living as a wrestler, so be it.


Don't believe for a minute that Hank Aaron is happy about Barry Bonds breaking his record. I wouldn't be surprised if he got mega-cash for that 51-second sanitized congrats he recorded for the big night. It couldn't have meant that much to him. He was freaking asleep when it happened. Way to go, Hank. You're still the people's champ.

And with that, I shall waste no more column space on the Juiced One. (Unless there's an indictment or an otherwise late knee injury.)


If the rumor is true, Roy Jones will be fighting Felix Trinidad sometime this January at an undisclosed location. I admit this is a bit unorthodox, given the seemingly large weight disparity between the two, but I also remember saying that boxing needs more of the best fighting the best. Besides, Winky Wright moved up 15 pounds to fight Bernard Hopkins (actually 10 pounds, at 170) and it was a pretty good fight. I'm guessing this fight will be at the same weight, or possibly 168.

I don't think it will be a contest. Jones is just too big and will wear Tito down little by little. Even with most of his power gone, I think Roy will get him out of there in about 7 rounds. Still, it should sell a lot of PPV buys and set Jones up for a possibly bout with Hopkins. 


I know we're all tempted to anoint them after last week's 23-10 drubbing of the Colts, but remember, it's only an exhibition game. What I'm more worried about is what happens with Greg Ellis. Call him a 1st Round bust if you want to. He certainly hasn't put up the type of Pro-Bowl numbers that Number 8 overall picks should, but he is an irreplaceable veteran presence and a great locker room influence.

Oh, and Jerry, better start getting Darren McFadden's uniform ready.


While Gagne blows saves in Boston and Tex rips 'em in Atlanta, the Rangers have been making out like bandits after their trio of trades. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Kason Gabbard and David Murphy have already made contributions to the big club, while Engel Beltre is tearing up the Arizona League and the rest are coming along smoothly. That kind of ammunition could mean a move toward a big name in the offseason. Can you say Adam Dunn?  

My non-sports thought of the week.

1. That mayor in Ft. Lauderdale has just become my new personal hero. For those of you not familiar with the story, he (I forgot his name offhand) called for the city buying single occupancy public toilets so men wouldn't have sex with other men in them. (There were four documented incidents of this happening, but none involving straight couples, though we can be pretty sure those happened too). What I'm proud of him for is not backing down from GLAAD, who claims that his words were hateful and inappropriate. There was also the mention of 1 million homosexual visitors to Ft. Lauderdale each year and the $1 billion they pour into the economy.

Just so you know, I don't have a problem with homosexual people. I've had men hit on me and I've politely told them that's not my way. Where my problem comes from is when the activists think they can use intimidation and money and the legal system and other tools to rub their lifestyle in other people's faces and force them not to speak their minds on this issue. I'm sorry, no matter how many times you go on a happy little parade, I'm not going to agree with the lifestyle, and I'm not going to shut up about my disagreement. For one, I am a Christian, and two, I challenge anyone to find one place in the bible where that lifestyle is sanctioned. If you don't want to believe the Bible, that's fine, because that seems to be the way society's going now because it's convenient. But there is a difference between not agreeing with the lifestyle, and treating a person differently because of it. That's the difference between prejudice (which we all have) and discrimination, which has no place. 

2. Will Fidel Castro just die already? I don't wish a bloody death on him, but he is the biggest nutjob control freak in the Western Hemisphere. He stops at nothing to make sure two of his boxers don't defect by arresting their relatives and only releasing them when the two are back in Havana. These are people who don't want to be a part of your country, Fidel. Get over it. You see everybody trying to leave, why are you stopping them, piche fun dio? Or are you afraid you and your brother would be the only ones left if people actually had a choice?


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