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Leading up to the election last year I wrote blogs...oh did I write blogs...warning of what I was seeing.

I warned about Joe Biden. All attention was being paid to Sarah Palin, but Biden was ignored entirely. Joe is more dangerous to this country than Cheney ever was and his own words tell that story. Guess that's why the White House has since locked him in the cellar with duct tape over his mouth. 

I blogged about ACORN. This seemingly innocuous "community" group that received HUGE money from the Federal and state governments despite a repeated history of illegal actions. An organization Obama tries to deny having an affiliation with despite having served as both their attorney and management trainer while he was a community organizer. An organization that was given large sums of money by corporations he sat on the board of. But he "doesn't know much about them". This organization was SO shaky that all it took was a couple of citizens with a video camera to bring them down. Yet YOUR taxes were funding this place for YEARS. 

I blogged about Obama promising the world to the gullible to get elected on a one word slogan of "change"

I blogged about how ridiculous his promise that 95% of Americans would see a tax DECREASE was. 

I blogged of his nonsense about wanting to do away with pork in the federal Government when he was one of the LARGEST abusers of it as a Senator.

I blogged about Obama simply not being qualified for the job. This was like hiring the fry cook to be CEO of McDonalds. 

The electorate didn't agree. They wanted "change""change you can believe in".  They elected this man decisively based on little more than sound bites and twitter messages. Many stand by him to this day for that reason alone...nobody likes to be made a fool of. Yet make a fool of them he continues to do.

95% of Americans getting a tax decrease? Tell me, which of YOUR taxes have decreased? None you say? Well, you must be RICH!

Tax increases only on the wealthy? Huh. Obamas pet project, cap and trade, OBAMAS OWN WORDS cause your utilities to SKYROCKET. Current projections are something along the lines of a 400% increase in your electric bill alone if it passes...but hey, that's not a "tax", it's a "fee".'s money out of MY pocket that goes INTO the pocket of the Federal Government. Yep, sure sounds like a tax to me. Only difference is there is a middle man in the Electric companies to shield the feds from taking the blame. Folks, we have Clintonian double speak run amok here. 

Don't even get me started on Health care. The Presidents plan would be paid for by a cornicopia of new "fees". Everything from charging you for having good insurance (it's just not fair that you work hard and have good insurance while poor people who don't work at all don't) to charging you if you don't have ANY insurance. If you don't pay the "fee", you GO TO JAIL. Someone PLEASE show me the provision in the Constitution that allows the Federal Government to TELL me what I MUST buy with the money I have left over after they tax the crap out of it. Anyone? And that's not even getting into the hundreds of billions that would be cut from medicare. Health insurance, just like any other insurance, is a PRODUCT, not a right.

Anyone figured out how Obamacare is gonna add 50 million more patients to zero new docs in an already overly utilized market? I have. It's called rationing health care. There is NO other option. And tell me, when did 'health care' become a right, again? 

One last thing on the health care rant...the US Federal Government is the LARGEST employer in the world. By a LOOOOONG shot. They don't administrate health care for their own employees. Let me repeat that. The U.S. Government DOES NOT administrate health care for their own employees. They purchase private health insurance for them. Tell me, if they think for one second that they can do a better job of health care administration resulting in better care at a lower cost then WHY are they instead buying it on the open market for their own employees? 

I never in a million years thought I'd say this...but...THANK GOD for Joe Lieberman.

Got a parent or grandparent collecting Social Security? Ask them about the letter they just received explaining why, for the first time since they've been collecting, there is not going to be a cost of living increase this year. For those who don't have anyone to ask, I'll tell you...seems the Federal Government has determined that inflation is 0% and as such our seniors are just fine with the monthly check they now receive. You kidding me? Middle of "the worst recession since the great depression" (another lie) but our grandparents don't have a COLA increase?

Onto that oft repeated "worst recession since the great depression" nonsense. Remember that one? Was repeated over and over and over again followed by some variation of "and it's Bushes fault, we're just cleaning up the mess."

Obama wasn't in office a month before he was pushing the "stimulus" package. We HAVE to do this "RIGHT NOW". If we don't, unemployment is going to reach 8%, it might go to 9% and that will result in the collapse of the U.S. economy. Folks, we bought it. It passed. Unemployment went WAY higher than the doom and gloom scenario we were fed if it DIDN'T pass, let alone what we were told it would cap at if it DID pass. As I write this, the Congress is working on a second "stimulus" plan. Why? Because you went along with the first one so they are gonna try to scare you into another one while they think they still have a chance. You know what the BIG problem with this is? Some 90% of the FIRST one hasn't been spent. AND the administration tried to declare the recession over a month ago. Folks, if the recession is over...DON'T SPEND THE DAMN MONEY. Give it back! It's not REAL money anyhow, it's monopoly money that we the people have to replace with greenbacks at some point soon. 

You know who got stimulated by the stimulus package? 

Well, the  27th Congressional district in Minnesota received $3million. That's one of 11 districts in that state that received money...BUT DOESN'T EXIST. That's right, there IS NO 27th district in Minny. In FACT, nationwide there were 700 nonexistant districts receiving $6.4 billion...with a B...credited with "saving almost 30k jobs". Now, I'm no math major, but 6.4 billion sounds like a lot and 30,000 doesn't seem like all that many so I'm gonna pull out the calculator to confirm my suspicions. 

Huh. What do ya know. That comes out to $213,333 per job "saved" in districts that DON'T EXIST. 

The White House explanation? (Now remember, THEY are the ones who reported who got the money in the first place and claimed the cost/job savings benefit) "most people who received the money don't know what congressional district they live in so they just put down a random number"

I'm supposed to buy this load of bovine scat?

I can't borrow $500 from my bank if I don't dot the I in my name but the Feds can throw BILLIONS at non-existent districts to "save" non existent jobs and it's a consumer error?

I'm guessing there is a REASON they ask the question to begin with? Some sort of checks and balances, maybe? These folks not only received bogus info, but they REPORTED it to the American public? Ok, so either they are lying or desperately incompetant. One or the other. Or, most likely, both.

And these same people want to adminstrate 1/5th of the US economy with healthcare!

Scared yet? I sure as hell am. 


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