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December 16th 2009 - Thoughts on any blogs I should do let me know in the comments. I am glad to be back to blogging. Follow me on twitter for random facts and awesomeness,

Who would of thought? Brandon Jennings is the man.

A backup to stay behind D Will in Utah!

1- Boston - 10 Game Winning Streak is something to talk about especially with how stacked teams are starting to get, the East has a big 4 instead of 3. Boston looks good, deep and most important healthy.

2- L.A. Lakers- Kobe having a busted up finger is scary because he should be resting but for some reason Bryant thinks he cant sit. He could rest and it would be alright but for some reason Kobe is still playing. With Gasol back the team is awfully good. 

3- Orlando- Started off the season strong, best start to the season ever but then failed in Utah and Phoenix. They will regain composure but for right now they have to be behind LA and Boston. Scary fact is that when Jameer is back Healthy this team gets better, another All Star. 

4- Atlanta- Did anyone expect the Hawks to be among the East's elite and even the entire NBA's. Seriously this team has the best record since the ninties squads that made the playoffs. This team scares Boston as well. Ahead of Cleveland...

5- Cleveland- Is the Shaq experiment working? Big Z set some Franchise records for games played.

6- Denver- Carmelo is playing like an MVP and I must admit I thought this team wouldnt be that good with the losses they had in the off season of Kleiza and Jones but it has ended up not effecting them. I didnt think they would be able to compete with their bench but Ty Lawson is incredible. 

7- Dallas- Cuban said that this squad is better than the one that went to the Finals. Can you argue that? I mean they added Shawn Marion and Drew Gooden as supporting cast members and Dirk is also playing like is MVP former self. 

8- Utah- Finally healthy... The Jazz beat the Lakers, Magic, and Spurs all in the same week but then turn around lose a nail biter to the Wolves. This is something Jazz fans cant understand, being able to compete with Championship teams and then losing to bottom feeders.

9- Phoenix- This is the season of rebirth because Nash is also playing like an MVP, it might just be going back to the run n gun offense. The Suns are undefeated at home this season and play a few in the next couple of weeks in Phoenix. 

10- Houston- Injuries dont seem to affect the Rockets. Ariza has been an All Star and a team of 2nd rounders that havent been expected to do much are winning games. Tmac is back and playing now too.

11- Portland- This squad has the largest ceiling in the league, we just have to wait. Greg Oden going down again just sucks as a fan of the NBA. I wanted to see this guy succeed but looks like he will continue to be glass. Andre Miller can officially be traded now!

12- San Antonio- Another team I expected to be better because of the deal that brought in Richard Jefferson but this team always does this in the season, they will get better when it matters in the playoffs. 

13- Oklahoma City- Last year when I wrote the power ranking I always had the Thunder in the botton 5 but things are turning for them. They are in a tough conference and that could hurt them in the end but did anyone expect them to be better than the thunder?

14- Detroit- Joe Dumars is keeping this team compeitive with unloading contracts as well. We see more of the reason why Billups was traded and AI was not resigned. Ben Gordon is playing great and despite his defense his offense is stellar. What happens when Rip returns?

15- Miami- I wanted to see Carlos Arroyo succeed in Miami but it is not really happening for him. I expeted Pat Riley to sign Iverson but he really is saving everything to bring in a Free Agent to help Wade win another ring. 

16- New Orleans- The bad contracts the Hornets have in Peja, Posey, and Mo Pete are just one of the reasons this team is falling off the radar. Trading Chandler didnt make CP3 happier and letting Byron Scott leave was another mystery in Orleans. 

17- Memphis- The Gasol trade a couple years ago is starting to not look so bad afterall because Marc Gasol is becoming a man among men. OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay, this team has a massive ceiling and a win against the Cavs boosted their pride. 

18- Milwaukee - BRANDON JENNINGS, that is all i have to say. Ok..  A little more. He could be An all star, not with fan voting but the coaches surely will put him in. 

19- Sacramento- Tyreke Evans is a beast. Seriously, at the start of the season everyone thought Blake Griffin had the ROY locked up but Jennings and Evans are going to give him a run. 

20- Charlotte- The biggest surprise for me was the BCats landing Stephen Jackson and his horrible contract, I dont know why any team would want that on their books. Plus Tyson Chandler. This team is good but I am confused on MJ and his ways.

21- Toronto- The Raps are finally using Hedu the way Orlando did, as a facilatator. Chris Bosh had a DVD come out this week as well. 

22- L.A. Clippers- I expected the Clip's to be better with Davis, Gordon, Kaman, Camby, and Al. Then throw in Griffin, but you know they are the Clippers for a reason.

23- Indiana- Bad news with Danny Granger going down after a big follow up to his All Star year, should be an All Star again but the injury could hurt him. 

24- New York- Jonathan Bender on the Knicks, crazy. The Knicks winning games, crazier. Craziest... the Jazz earn their first round lotto pick this year.

25- Washington- Upset that Arenas is not back to all star form but happy that Jamison is consistently good and putting up huge numbers. This team is a surprise. RIP Abe.

26- Chicago- Well I bet they regret not retaining Ben Gordon now because even with a Healthy Luol Deng they are no where close to last season.

27- Philadelphia- Went back to the old school logo and uni's, Iverson is back, and they avoided the 13th loss on Monday with a win against Golden State. 

28- Minnesota- Jonny Flynn had a career night and also beat the Jazz with the winning basket in the final seconds. 

29- Golden State- Played a game recently with just 6 guys, and numerous games with 8. They are depleated, I wonder if they will get healthy next year. No more mopeds Monta. 

30- New Jersey- Biggest losers, its not Coach Franks fault...


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