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Back at ya with another edition of "A couple of Average Joe's" where Djroxalot and myself talk about the NBA. Your comments are appreciated as well. 

Here is the 2nd edition

Lets get started with the 3rd Installement.


Topics: Iverson, Brandon Jennings...

DJ: Heard a lot about this cat and will be first to admit I am surprised after he struggled in Europe. But a good friend and former FN member told me he wasnt in right system over there, playing slow ball and all. And he has shown he can be another CP3 type of player minus the crazy assist totals. I do feel when Redd returns his ppg will decrease but he certainly ooks like he is going to be a solid player. 

Joe: BJennings, yes in Europe he had to play a different game where the Coaches dont play the young guys much at all. He did decent in minimal playing time but no plays were drawn up for him. We forget that he didnt make it to Arizona so he didnt have a choice, he wanted to play so he went to Europe. But he is amazing. I am very surprised because he is making the Bucks a team to beat again. We havent seen that in years. With Bogut and Jennings we are going to see the Bucks in the playoffs, then add Redd. They could scare team.

DJ: Agree. But its also a question of how Jennings will respond to fewer shots. He will need to focus on being a better distributor of the ball. And he is averaging just 6apg to 3 TO's a game. Barely 2 to 1 assist to TO ratio. Also, the Central is weak so the Bucks should be able to grab a playoff spot fairly easily since they are competing without Redd right now.

Joe: And on to Iverson. What are your thoughts? I mean surely its a money move to help sell some tickets in Philly but its a feel good story as well, dont you think. Plus he was the best Free Agent available as well. Finally won a game with AI as well. I am glad to see him back but he is a shadow of his former self. He is not playing AI ball, he is trying to keep everyone else happy and dish it too much, he needs to take over and be the player that made him a 1st ballot hall of famer.

DJ: I respectfully DISAGREE!!! He is averaging 15.5ppg and 4apg. He doesnt need to try and take over because he cant anymore! He isnt the same player he once was, like you said. He needs to do what he is. Limit his outside shooting, drive to the basket and
try and make everyone else around him BETTER! He isnt capable of 20-26ppg
anymore but he is perfectly capable of averaging say 18ppg and 6-7apg. He isnt as good as Iggy or Young. And once Brand rebounds into form he might be the 4th best player on the team.

Joe: I dont know if Brand is ever going to be coming back to form, i know
you mean as a 3rd option but I think worse, maybe 4th or 5th. He might be
 one of the better Eastern Forwards behind Josh Smith and KG will be older
but Brand hasnt looked good since 2005. Now what is up with Washington,
everyone was on their bandwagon this season. Even Porkins mother... Arenas
is back, same with Haywood and the rest of the injured Wiz. Abe Pollin is
sadly gone from the Basketball world and it seems like the Wizards are
thinking about it every night. When they beat the Mav's on opening night I
thought they were going to be really good but its all gone down hill. Only
amison is consistent. He could be an all star. 

DJ: Meant Iverson will be 4th best player behind Iggy, Young and Brand.  Doing
a TD that the Wizards are most disappointing team in the NBA along with Hornets
and Bulls. I dont know. They have talent but they arent playing defense like a Saunders
coached team usually does. I think they will turn it around and start playing better very
soon but right now they are a mess, allowing 101ppg on the defensive end.

Good job,Joe.

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November 16, 2013  12:27 PM ET

This is off topic i realize, but i would like to hear what you would think of the Raptors moving Rudy Gay to Power Forward. Jamir Johnson is to small and the raptors need more playing time for Ross and Fields anyway at Small Forward. At PF i think he would score more points, take more rebounds, earn an All Star birth and give Tyler Hansbro a ligitamat partner. IF Jamir moved outside it would also increase his tradeablilty and usefullness.


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